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Turner Colour

Turner Colour Works Ltd. has been making paints in Osaka, Japan, for over 70 years. Turner Acryl Gouache is fully pigmented and free of heavy metals. Due to the small amount of binder in the paint, there is hardly any color shift, and colors stay bright.

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From a Japanese Paint manufacturer to a Colour manufacturer

Turner Colour Works, Based in Osaka and old for more than 70 years is famous for it's wide range of products. Products stimulating your sensibility. Beautiful colours. Coloring your life. Colours' has a mysterious shining power. Turner Colour Works Ltd. crossed over the frame of a 'Paint manufacturer' to become a 'Colour manufacturer', providing an unique colorful experience artistic your lifestyle. In 1974, Turner Changes its name to Turner Colour Chemical Ltd. and begins manufacturing paint at which point they launched Watercolor Paint used by artists and schools all throughout Japan.

Jerry's carries Turner Colour imported to the US to give artists only the best in color for a great price.

Where are Turner paints made?

Turner Paints are Based in Osaka Japan and old for more than 70 years where they make paint and color. Turner Colour Works Ltd. is famous for it's wide range of products. Turner Paints are for stimulating your sensibility. Beautifull colours!

Are Turner watercolors lightfast?

TURNER ARTISTS' WATER COLOUR. Finest Professional Artists' Water Colours packed with pigment! A true professional paint, combining the finest pure pigments and gum arabic with high lightfast ratings and superb transparency and flow.