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LUKAS - A Jerry's Artarama Exclusive ... Germany's Finest Artist Colors

LUKAS Aquarelle 1862 Watercolors LUKAS Aquarelle Studio Watercolors

LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Watercolors

In 1862, the year LUKAS was established, one of the first artists’ watercolors in Germany was developed according to the recipe of the company’s founder, Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld. Hence the name LUKAS Aquarell 1862. Further developed over time to include the most recent scientific research and artistic knowledge, these premium artists' watercolors continue to satisfy the needs of demanding artists across the globe, with their pronounced color intensity, extraordinary brilliance and the highest possible lightfastness rating available. For a truly incredible value, try LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Watercolor Sets!

LUKAS Aquarell Studio Watercolors

This assortment offers an expansive color range of 70 well balanced shades in 24 ml tubes, half pans, and whole pans.

LUKAS has once again broken the mold, creating an affordable professional watercolor. Milled to a particle size of 2/1000mm under a stringent production system which includes 30 minutes of mixing, pearl milling and finally triple roll milling. The result is a color with perfect dispersion and refractive quality. For a truly incredible value, try LUKAS Aquarell Studio Watercolor Sets!

LUKAS Extra-Fine Design Gouache LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors

LUKAS Designer's Gouache

These opaque watercolors are made with a Gum Arabic and Dextrin binder with a special additive so you can paint big without streaking. Totally lightfast with extremely intense, brilliant colors that dry to an even, velvety matte finish. Opaque white is a favorite with watercolorists.

All colors are lightfast, brilliant and concentrated. The only compromise is the use of high quality substitutes for traditional and often-times toxic pigments.All 48 colors in this range are available in 20 ml tubes. Opaque White and Ivory Black are also available in 75 ml tubes. 500 ml jars are available in Primary Yellow, Primary Red (Magenta) and Primary Blue (Cyan). For a truly incredible value, try LUKAS Designer's Gouache Sets!

LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors

These exquisite LUKAS oils are extremely concentrated with the highest quality pigments available. All colors are lightfast and permanent with an average drying time of 2 to 4 days. The binders are pharmaceutical quality linseed and sunflower oils, guaranteeing even drying, stronger paint film, bright colors bright and reduced yellowing. LUKAS' world famous buttery consistency is achieved using bees wax with the linseed and sunflower oil.

LUKAS 1862 Artist Oils come in 70 shades in 37 ml tubes and 20 shades in 200 ml tubes. 70 of the shades closely parallel those used by the old masters. 52 of the shades are Series One, making 1862 an excellent value! For greater savings, try the LUKAS 1862 Deluxe Set!

LUKAS Studio Oil Colors LUKAS Berlin Oils

LUKAS Studio Oil Colors

This outstanding oil color is specially formulated to have the best painting quality and the freshest, most vibrant results. The finest pigments from around the world are combined in maximum density with a sophisticated blend of Sunflower and Bleached Linseed Oil to produce clean colors with a perfect, refractive quality when dry. An exclusive time tested combination of three drying agents allows colors to dry at normal thickness in 2 to 3 days.

LUKAS Studio Oils are created by a painstakingly slow process, mixing and milling the colors to an incredibly buttery, smooth body. This one price range eliminates harsh and caustic pigments. Now featuring 48 shades in 37 ml and 200 ml sizes!

LUKAS Berlin Oils

These oil colors are formulated to the highest possible standards. In fact, each pigments is carefully selected, ensuring that each meets the highest possible ligthfastness rating in its class. Only pharmaceutical quality linseed and sunflower oils are used as binders. To enable mixability with water without influencing the drying time, lightfastnesses and brilliance, LUKAS has developed a special procedure for modifying oils that guarantees a nearly water-free and water-resistant film structure.

LUKAS Berlin Oil Colors dry just like traditional oils, but their water mixability makes them a true alternative to the traditional for the casual and professional painter. Now featuring 24 shades in 37 ml and 200 ml sizes.

LUKAS Painting Butter and Berlin Oil Mediums

LUKAS Painting Butter

If you enjoy painting in thick layers, LUKAS Painting Butter is the perfect medium for you! Formulated with a special drying agent and an alkyd resin base, this medium gives your oil colors a smooth buttery feel, and helps them keep their structure without leveling or cracking. The final result is paintings with rich color that maintain the same look and feel as when they were first painted.

LUKAS Oil Painting Mediums

Explore new effects and exciting techniques with these special oil painting mediums from LUKAS, including Balsam Turpentine, Bleached Linseed Oil, Citrus Turpentine, Picture Varnish, and LUKAS Medium No. 2, 3 and 4.

Lukas Cryl Terzia Acrylics LUKAS CRYL Liquid Acrylics

LUKAS CRYL Terzia Acrylics

LUKAS CRYL Terzia is a well pigmented, lightfast artists' acrylic, ideal for study purposes. The viscosity is optimal for the fast preparation of large painting areas, the color intensity is well balanced for easy mixing, and the selection of colors corresponds to that of the typical artist palette.

LUKAS CRYL Terzia Acrylics can easily be mixed with all other Lukas acrylics, saving you time, money and resources. In short, Terzia is "a real artists' color at an extremely attractive price". Available in 24 colors in 125 ml plastic tubes and in 500 ml plastic bottles with a specially designed cap, ideal for dispensing the perfect portion of paint every time.

LUKAS CRYL Liquid Acrylics

LUKAS CRYL Liquid features a master quality, low viscosity formulation, that allows you to paint in full strength without thinning with water. In fact, you can paint directly from the bottle on canvas, metal, paper and wall board.

LUKAS CRYL Liquid has a thickness of less than 5,000 CP, making it perfect for covering large areas with the greatest of ease. It’s excellent for dripping and spattering techniques, and it has an incredible brilliance, too. Made with only real pigments in maximum concentration, the colors allow for a wide range of tinting for various tones from the original hue. Now available in a wide range of 40 brilliant colors.

LUKAS CRYL Pastos Acrylics LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics

LUKAS CRYL Pastos Acrylics

This professional acrylic color is quick and permanent drying, cleans up with soap and water and allows you to achieve an almost endless array of traditional painting techniques. This thick acrylic allows each stroke, each structure and each essence of your creativity to be maintained without shrinking or cracking, even in the heaviest layers.

Made with only the finest unadulterated, traditional (real cadmium & cobalts) pigments in the highest possible concentration. Improved in 2006, the Pastos line now features 70 shades in 37 ml tubes and 200 ml tubes. 12 shades are also available in 500 ml size.

LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics

Our best selling acrylic color, LUKAS CRYL Studio has an ideal viscosity, perfect for painting on canvas. It is thick enough to hold brush strokes, yet thin enough to be brushed on directly from the jar. All colors are lightfast, brilliant and permanent. The colors may be tinted to a wide variation of shades, helped by the high pigment concentration and superb tinting strength.

Improved in 2006, this line now features 38 shades in 75 ml and 500 ml sizes. 22 new shades are also available in 250 ml size, including metallic, fluorescent, glow in the dark colors. This one price range eliminates caustic and expensive pigments without compromising quality.

LUKAS Pestles and Mixing Plates

For hundreds of years, color makers have been using glass pestels to grind their pigments. We offer two sizes, both made of heavy lead glass, capable of grinding down pigments to the finest particle size. We also offer a heavy glass mixing plate with a rough (frosted) surface. This is essential for creating the necessary friction to get the best grinds possible. Imported from Germany.