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Jack Richeson: Sketch & Pochade Boxes

Pochade Boxes are compact and designed for painters who paint outdoors in Plein air. The box usually has a hinged lid that works as a lid when closed and supports your canvas panel or board like an easel when open.
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Pochade Boxes

We carry a large selection of great quality and functional Pochade Boxes for traveling artist as well as in the studio use. Pochade Boxes are perfect for artists who love to work outdoors. They pair well with camera tripods, perfect for plein air work, but if the tripod is not attached they can be used as table top easels for those with limited floor space. Some even come with carry straps for convenience. The most popular Pochade Box is the SoHo Plein Air Pochade Box Easel as it is easy to use and weighs only 6.17 lbs. and already comes with many features and additions for an amazing plein air painting experience.