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Soho Urban Artist: Studio Easels

Choose from a large selection of crafted artist studio easels for use use in the studio, like h-frame, a-frame, convertible, wood, aluminum and multi-media types or sale. Curated and developed for beginner to artist to professionals with many features used during studio painting
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Studio Easels

Jerry's carries for artists a large selection of curated, custom designed and hand crafted studio easels in many types, styles and formats designed for use in a studio or indoor setting such as: home, office, class, workshops and more. A studio easel is an easel that stays in one place and is generally used during studio painting

Studio easels are typically larger, sturdier, and more stationary and provide a stable and adjustable support for canvases, panels, or other painting surfaces.

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The Trusted source for only the best! We’re committed to providing artists with 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect studio format easel that you need!