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Oil & Acrylic Brushes

Find the best brushes and the largest selection of specially developed and curated oil and acrylic brushes for artists available in all shapes, sizes and hair types. Brushes developed with legendary brushmakers to offer only the finest for your oil and acrylic painting needs
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Tusc & Pine Artist Oil Paints

Brushes for Oils and Acrylics

It is important from beginner to artist to professional, to use the right quality oil brushes and acrylic brushes. They are vital to the success of the painter! Our materials experts at Jerry's source, curate, and develop brushes with highly trained legendary brushmakers to offer only the finest brushes for oils and acrylics to not only enhance your paintings and artwork but also for a great painting experience.

Brushes are very important tools for an artist and at Jerry's, find oil and acrylic brushes available in a variety of shapes, sizes and hair types. Choose the best types of high-quality brushes made from natural or synthetic fibers that can enhance your painting experience and results in your artwork.

We have for artists, a large choice of natural, synthetic and a blend of natural & synthetic oil and acrylic brushes in many shapes for your painting techniques and preferences. When selecting oil and acrylic brushes, consider factors such as the type of painting technique you prefer, the size of the canvas, the desired brushstroke effects and certainly the hair type.
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Common brush types used by artists using oils and acrylics are flats, rounds, filberts, fans, brights, riggers, mottlers, script liners and for oils, cat's tongue! We are proud to offer premium oil and acrylic art brushes in every shape, size and hair type crafted by skilled brushmakers created to last, perform and offer unique advantages for works of art.