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Brush Washers & Basins

As any artist knows, it's very important to take good care of your tools and brushes, ensuring that they last a long time and stay in good shape for your upcoming projects. Jerry's professional selection of brush washers is perfect for cleaning your paint brushes and ensuring their longevity. Whether you need a brush washer for the field or for the studio, we're sure you'll find just what you need in our selection. Choose from metal brush washers, aluminum brush washers, stainless steel brush washers and portable and travel washers and buckets

How To Clean Your Brushes

Using a solvent and we prefer a safer alternative like Lavender Oil Brush cleaner, work a little Oil and Lavender Soap into bristles, then rinse. Repeat until soap remains clean and clear. Use with all types of paint. Da Vinci Air Tight Brush Washer completely cleans dried acrylics, oils, and alkyds with no damage to the brush head or loss of fibers. It important you use a non-toxic, no chemical cleaner so your brushes stay conditioned and clean for your next use. Helps brushes last longer

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