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Museo Canvas

MUSEO ALU-Frame is a museum-quality canvas framing system is designed exclusively for professional artists. The reinforced stretcher bars are made of wear-resistant, lightweight aluminum, and sturdy Norwegian Spruce. MUSEO is also available pre-stretched with Claessens universal primed Belgian linen.

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Museo Alu-Frame

Virtually any size and any type of canvas can be mounted on a Museo Alu-frame. Nothing is too extreme for us!

Once you begin showcasing a piece of art it's common, for the artwork to experience alterations. Variations in temperature and humidity can inadvertently impact your work leading to wooden stretchers twisting, warping or bending, in dimensions. Thankfully with Museo Alu-frame these concerns become a thing of the past.

Strength and stability The Museo Alu-frame system is made of aluminum. Is designed to provide support, for artworks. Aluminums resistance to changes in humidity and temperature helps prevent issues like twisting, bending or warping. Moreover the canvas stretchers of Museo Alu frame are durable against wear and environmental damage, unlike stretchers that can deteriorate over time. Your artwork will stay securely framed in conditions.

What are the Museo Alu-Frame choices?
Ready mades - A pre-stretched canvas with a Museo ALU-FRAME meets the highest demands. Museum and gallery quality, high-quality aluminum comes with premium quality pinewood on the outside! The basis of the linen of this canvas is water-retted flax. Minuscule weaving flaws are carefully removed and corrected. After this, the linen is shaved, dusted and further prepared with a layer of glue and two coats of gesso.
Made to Measure - Museo Tailor-Made service is intended for works of art that require tailor-made solutions due to their specific dimensions. Our quality network of reliable and professional craftsmen offers years of experience in customizing any canvas you desire