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Superbly Crafted For Permanent Works Of Art

Finely sanded birch wood panels deliver a consistently strong, sturdy archival support, fine-grained and super smooth. Each beautiful surface is ready for traditional priming, gessoing, or mounting canvas, linen, or cotton papers (easily accomplished using Soho Gloss Gel, a permanent, acid-free adhesive). These artist-grade gesso panels are primed with acid-free, professional quality acrylic polymer gesso. The MDF smooth hardboard panel is first sealed, and then coated up to three times with the gesso primer. The gesso priming on our gessoed panels is the exact same as you find on the finest professional, all media primed, cotton canvases.

Kiln dried New Zealand Pine cradles provide an incredibly strong, true support that will not warp due to its’ excellent dimensional stability. New Zealand Pine has a very tight, smooth grain like hardwoods, with a light color that takes stain, primer, and paint beautifully. New Zealand Pine has the unique ability to be stained to emulate any type of colored wood, or can be painted to compliment your art (or even continue your painting over the edges). This is a highly preferred wood by the furniture and cabinet-making community in Australia and New Zealand for these particular qualities. Additionally, it is grown as an environmentally conscious, sustainable and renewable resource.

Note: All styles of panels have been thoroughly tested for long term warp resistance, making them perfect as an archival painting or mounting surface.

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