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Concept Halycon Cordless Lighting

The Concept Picture Light story started in the mid 1990’s, when the founder purchased a framed rendition of Behren’s “Bellagio Promenade”. Upon hanging it up at home, he realized that the location where it was needed was a bit dark. He set out to buy a “picture light” but wanted one which was cordless…something battery-operated, just for a quiet evening or possibly for when company calls or whatever…From there came the discovery that such a product didn’t exist, then on to patenting and designing our first product-the 11 ½ in. cordless light-- and bringing it to market.That first product accomplished the goal—it looked sleek, was easy to install and use, provided ample light and provided many hours of battery life. To this day, that first product-the 11 1/2 in cordless light remains the most popular ever! Over the years, we have seen our products do very well in a variety of markets and the line has grown to more than 12 product choices and counting

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