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Victor Claessens founded a company to produce top-quality artist’s canvas. To that end, he refined the tried and tested methods that had been passed down from generation to generation. This respect for tradition and experience has made Claessens Linen Rolls a household name amongst artists, stretching far beyond the borders of Europe. Painters work with a variety of types of paint. Each type of paint requires a specific coating. There are three types of canvas. An oil canvas is intended solely for oil paint. Absorbent canvases are intended for tempera. Universal canvases are suitable for both oil paint and acrylic paint.
Each type of artist’s canvas is given a specific treatment after glueing. Claessens principally produces canvas from flax. This provides the best quality and is by far the most durable. Of course, we work with the other materials as well and all canvases receive the same meticulous treatment according to traditional methods.

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