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The Edge All Media Cotton Deluxe Stretched Canvas 1-1/2 Deep
Imperial Professional Chungking Hog Bristle Brushes
Senso Clear Primed Linen Panels
Paint & Mediums
save 52% Off Reg.Soho Urban ArtistOil Colors - 50ml, 170ml Tubes & 430ml Can SoHo Urban Artist Oil Colors
uttery consistency for smooth application of color hot buy starting $2.99
was starting: $6.19
save 48% off listMarie'sWater-Mixable Oil Color Set of 18 - 12ml tubes Water-Mixable Oil Color Set of 18 - 12ml tubes
Lightfast pigments Permanent when dry on sale Price $18.89
item# 89186 | List: $36.40
LUKAS 1862 Professional Artist Oil Colors
Charvin Fine Oil Paint
save 40% off reg.12 Shades of GreyOil Paint Set of 12 - 21ml Tubes Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paints
12, Lovely Brilliant Grey Tones. Impossible To Find Anywhere Else Super Deal Price $12.02
item# 89279 | was: $20.09
Save 68% Off listSoho Urban ArtistOil Paint Value Set of 24 - 12ml Tubes with Easel Charvin Fine Artist Oil Paint
Excellent pigment load for brilliant color and a wide variation of mixed shadeson sale$24.99
item# 89974B | list: $77.95
Save 50% Off ListGrumbacher Pre-TestedProfessional Oil Colors  Grumbacher Pre-Tested Professional Oils
Good Color Variety That Glides Smoothlysale price starting $6.43
list starting: $12.85
save up to 56% off reg.CharvinExtra Fine Artists' Acrylics - 60ml & 150ml tubesCharvin Extra Fine Artists Acrylics
amazing color range that parallel the beautiful colors of naturehot buy starting $8.69
was Starting: $11.99
LUKAS Studio Artist Oil Color Paints
12 Shades Of Grey Acrylic Paint Colors
up to 58% Off ListCreative InspirationsAcrylic Paints - 1.8 liter Jugs Creative Ispirations Jugs
Voted educators' favorite acrylic color for classroomssale price starting $18.99
List Starting: $44.95
save 46% Off reg.Creative InspirationsSuper Paint Pumps - 3 Pack Creative Inspirations Super Paint Pumps - 3 Pack
Dispenses about an ounce of paint at a timesuper deal price $5.71
item# 89525 | was: $10.49
Save 68% Off LISTCreative InspirationsAcrylic Paints - 120ml Tubes Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paints
Colors are bright, vibrant and very pigmentedsale price starting $2.21
List Starting: $6.95
Save 58% Off ListSoho Urban ArtistHeavy Body Acrylic Paints - 75ml Tubes SoHo Heavy Body Acrylic Paints
Best loved qualities of a professional acrylicon sale$3.49
List: $8.40
Marie's Masters Quality Watercolor Paints
LUKAS Studio Art & Designers Artists' Gouache
save 40% off reg.Soho Urban ArtistHeavy Body Acrylic Tubes Value Set of 24 - 12ml tubes SoHo Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Sets
Everything you need to get started in acrylicsSuper Deal Price $10.54
item# 89973 | was: $17.59
save 40% off reg.Creative InspirationsAcrylic Color School Value Pack  Acrylic Color Studio & School Value Pack of 12
Non-toxic, Smooth, rich, creamy Free-flowing colors Super Deal Price $61.19
item# 89376 | was: $101.99
Up to 72% Off ListTURNERAcryl Gouache - 20ml, 40ml, 100ml Tubes & 250ml pouch Turner Goache Artist Acrylics
The MOST Vibrant Acrylics You Can Buysale price starting $3.99
list Starting: $13.95
Save 50% Off listLUKAS BerlinWater Mixable Oil Colors - 37ml & 200ml Tubes LUKAS Berlin Water Mixable Oil Color Selection Set of 10
High-quality lightfast pigments Dry to the touch in 5-7 days sale price starting $6.19
list starting: $12.35
Fan-Pan Artist Watercolors Set Of 42 Colors With Water Brush
SoHo Artists' Metallic Watercolor Set
save 40% off reg.Jerry'sPetite Pan Watercolor Set - Assorted Colors Jerry's Petite Pan Watercolor Set
8 Prime watercolor pans - Fits right in your pocket super deal price$7.97
item# 88638 | was: $13.29
save 40% off reg.Marie'sWatercolor Set of 18 - 12ml Tubes Marie's Extra Fine Watercolor Set of 18
The Best Value in transparent tube watercolor Super Deal Price $7.55
item# 53895 | was: $12.59
New York Central Acrylic Mediums
save 40% off listGoldenOpen Acrylic Mediums Marie's Extra Fine Watercolor Set of 18
compatible with Golden Heavy Body and Fluid Acrylic colorson sale starting $3.77
list starting: $6.29
save 40% off listGamblin Artists' Oil Painting Mediums Gamblin Artists' Oil Painting Mediums
True to historic working properties. Safer. More Permanent. on sale starting $3.90
list starting: $6.50
save 40% off reg.Pro WhiteSoft Filament Acrylic Professional Brush Set of 8 Creative Mark ProWhite Bristle Brushes
great for Watercolors, Gouaches Inks & fluid mediasSuper Deal Price $18.89
item# 61894 | was: $31.49
save 40% off reg.NY CentralGigante Bristle Brushes New York Central Gigante Bristle Brushes
for acrylic and oil colors, Acryla Gouache & decorative paintsSuper Deal Price starting $22.79
was Starting: $37.99
Black Knight Sword Liners By Creative Mark
Creative Mark Muscle Brushes
save 40% Off reg.StaccatoLong-Handle Synthetic Brushes Staccato Long-Handle Synthetic Brushes
Perfect for Heavy body acrylics and thin ink glazesSuper Deal Price starting $4.07
was Starting: $6.79
Save 52% Off reg.Creative MarkSet of 15 with Brush Easel Case Creative Mark Brushes Set of 15 with Brush Easel Case
A brush set that is universal for a wide array of usesHot Buy$25.21
item# 89536 | was: $52.69
Mezzo Artist Paint & Brush Racks
Up to 79% Off ListMimikKolinsky Synthetic Sable Short
Handle Brushes
Mimik Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Short Handle Brushes
The Best Synthetic You Will Ever Usesale price starting $4.94
list Starting: $16.85
save 40% Off reg.Imperial BristleProfessional Brushes Imperial Bristle Professional Brushes
Softest & fullest bristle brush on the market super deal price starting$3.83
was Starting: $6.39
Save 40% Off reg.Black SwanLong Handle Brush Explorer Set of 5Black Swan Professional Brush Set of 15
Red Sable brushes Great for acrylics Handling & heavy bodied media Super Deal Price$18.89
item# 87711 | was: $31.49
save 40% Off reg.New York CentralProfessional Oil Brushes New York Central Professional Control Oil Brushes
Well-balanced, handmade wood handles for Superior controlsuper deal price starting $9.65
was starting: $16.09
Save 40% Off reg.NY CentralSteinberg Superior Kolinsky Watercolor Brushes New York Central Steinberg Superior Kolinsky Watercolor Brushes
Perfect For Watercolor and Gouache painting super deal price starting $12.11
was Starting: $20.19
save 40% off reg.AquastrokeWatercolor Brush Pens Set of 4 Aquastroke Watercolor Water Brush Pens
Brush Pens are easy to use and clean up is a breezeSuper Deal Price $11.27
item# 69659 | was: $18.79
Try Me Brush Sets By Creative Mark
Artist Pipettes By Creative Mark
Save 40% Off reg.Creative MarkMicro Mini Detail Brush 12 Piece Brush Set Creative Mark Micro Mini Detail Brush12 Piece Brush Set
Great for small details and tight spaces Super Deal Price $17.03
item# 58177 | Was: $28.39
save 40% off reg.Da VinciAir-Tight Stainless Steel Brush Washer Da Vinci Air Tight Stainless Steel Brush Washer
500ml capacity Stainless Steel Brush CleanerSuper Deal Price $29.99
item# 86121 | Was: $49.99
Drawing & Illustration
save 40% off reg.conceptDual Tip Marker Basic Set of 12 Concept Dual Tip Markers And Sets
Brilliant Colors Flow Through This 4-In-1 Stylesuper deal price $14.99
item# 87438 | was: $24.99
save 40% off reg.conceptBrush Pen Box of 12 - Black Concept Brush Pens Set of 9
Long Brush Tip For Expressive Strokes Super Deal Price$9.59
item# 88493A | was: $15.99
SoHo Artist Disposable Studio Wipes
Universal Tube Twister Keys
save 40% off reg.raffineGraphite Pencils Tin Box Set of 12 Graphite Pencils Tin Box Set of 12
Includes the finest materials on the market Super Deal Price$5.87
item# V07220 | was: $9.79
save 40% off reg.Super BlackUltimate Line Drawing Set Creative Mark Super Black Permanent Fineliner Pen Sets
Super Black permanent, waterproof and acid-free ink Super Deal Price $8.39
item# 89724 | was: $13.99
save 40% off reg.Creative MarkWillow Charcoal 25 piece set Creative Mark Willow Charcoal
Natural willow charcoal for sketching and drawing Super Deal Price$5.16
item# 80643 | was: $8.59
save 40% off reg.raffineArtist Pure Graphite Pencils F - Box of 12 Creative Mark Willow Charcoal
Perfect for writing, drafting, sketching and drawing Super Deal Price$4.37
item# V07228 | was: $7.29
Cezanne Premium Watercolor Pencil Set of 24
Paper, Books & Boards
Save 45% Off Reg.Reflexions WatercolorJournals Reflexions Watercolor Journals
Lays Completely flat for working two-page spreads Super Deal Price$7.53
was Starting: $13.69
save 40% off reg.NujabiHandmade Watercolor Paper Sheets - 10 Pack Nujabi Individually Handmade Watercolor Paper Sheets
100% cotton, Acid-free, Handmade Watercolor Papersuper deal price starting$11.81
Was Starting: $19.69
Save 60% Off listSoHo Urban ArtistBrick Journals Reflexions Watercolor Journals
Perfect for all dry media, gel adhesives, and light washes sale price starting$7.99
list starting: $19.95
up to 57% Off listSoHo Urban ArtistBristol Paper Pads Reflexions Watercolor Journals
Perfect For Highly Detailed Drawings And Illustrations sale price starting$7.19
list starting: $15.95
Artfinity Synthesis Multimedia Watercolor Paper Pads
Canvas, Panels & Rolls
Creative Inspirations Super Value Stretched Canvas Packs
save 40% off reg.Centurion DLXStretched Canvas - 1/12" - 18x24" Box of 3 Centurion DLX Universally Primed Linen Stretched Canvas - 1/12" - Boxes of 3
Fine, all-purpose surface Excellent for oil, acrylic, and alkyd colors Super Deal Price $66.29
item# 73727A | was: $110.49
up to 55% Off listYes!Multi Media Cotton Canvas Pads Yes Multi Media Cotton Canvas Pads
Perfect For watercolors, oils, acrylics, markers, shellac and acrylic-based inks, airbrush colors & alkyds sale price starting$9.79
list starting: $11.40
up to 65% Off listCenturion OP DLXProfessional Oil Primed Linen Panels Professional Oil Primed Linen Panels
Superb Performance And Color Retention! Exclusive OP Enhanced Oil Priming sale price starting $11.12
list starting: $29.25
save 51% Off listCenturion LXAcrylic double primed Linen Roll - 72"x6 yard Acrylic Primed Linen Rolls
11 oz. double primed acid-free linen canvas Excellent for oil Acrylic and alkyd colors on sale $292.31
item# 75371 | list: $598.15
Paramount 1-13/16 Professional Gallery Wrap Canvas
Shop For DaVinci Pro Panels
Unprimed Cotton Duck Deluxe Canvas Rolls
Up to 57% Off ListNY CentralProfessional Canvas Art Wood Panels Professional Canvas Art Wood Panels
Expertly flawless, museum-quality painting panels unlike anything on the market sale price starting $7.19
List Starting: $13.85
save 50% Off ListDavinci UltraSmooth Gesso Panel 2" - 16x20" Box of 4 Ultra Smooth Gesso Panels
Ultra Smooth, White Acrylic Polymer Gesso! Superbly Crafted For Permanent Works Of Art on sale $108.38
item# 88121A | list: $217.80
save 48% Off reg.SoHo Urban ArtistCotton Canvas - 11x14" - 3 Packs SoHo Urban Artist Cotton Canvas All Media Panel 3-Packs
Non Warping, 10oz. Double Primed Cotton Acid-free panel and core Hot Buy $5.06
item# 89076 | was: $9.69
save 40% off reg.AlumacompUnprimed Archival Aluminum Panel - 11x14" Alumacomp Unprimed Archival Aluminum Painting & Mounting Panels
use with Oils Acrylics, Inkjet, Screen Printing, Photos, Mixed Media Super Deal Price$8.39
item# 88749 | Was: $13.99
Pro-Tones All-Media Toned Canvas Panels
Traveling Monet French Easel
save 40% off reg.Capri 2Deluxe Wood Sketch Box - Dark Walnut Stained Capri And Capri 2 Deluxe Wood Paint & Sketch Boxes
Carriage tilts out to for Palettes or panels, holds up to 75ml paint tubes Super Deal Price$30.29
item# 87888 | Was: $50.49
save 65% off reg.Soho Urban ArtistWood Plein Air Scout Pochade Box SoHo Wood Plein Air Scout Pochade Box
Carriage tilts out to for Palettes or panels, holds up to 75ml paint tubes hot buy Price$69.99
item# 90393 | Was: $89.99
Savannah Studio Easel
Save 40% Off reg.Creative MarkShelby Display Easel Shelby Display Easel By Creative Mark
Sets Up And Folds Down In Seconds super deal$13.13
item# 90279 | was: $21.89
Save 62% Off listMontereyMulti-Angle Convertible Studio H-Frame Easel Monterey Multi-Angle Convertible Studio H-Frame Easel
A solid, sturdy and extremely well built easel Eliminates glare and assist in pastel painting
on sale$367.49
item# 68850 | list: $955.75
Save 65% Off listDa VinciMulti-Angle Convertible Easel Da Vinci Multimedia Multi-Angle Convertible Easel
for Home studios where space may be an issue on sale$144.99
item# 61793 | list: $417.55
save 40% off reg.Soho Urban ArtistAluminum Studio Easel - Black SoHo Aluminum Studio Easel - Black
Assembles in minutes with no tools Super Deal Price$59.99
item# 86015 | was: $99.99
The Rambler Folding Art & Display Wood Table Easel
SoHo Urban Artist H-Frame Studio Easel
Save 71% Off ListCappellettoBettina Premium Studio Easel Cappelletto Bettina Premium Studio Easel
Handmade in Italy, the finest beechwood and craftsmanship on sale$300.29
item# V13322 | List: $1,046.80
Save 15% Off Reg.Soho Urban Artistlightweight Mahogany French Easel SoHo Urban Artist Lightweight Mahogany French Easel
A Full Size French Easel That Weighs Less Than 9lbs! 30% Lighter Than Other French EaselsHot Buy$109.99
item# 89098 | Was: $129.99
save 40% off reg.Soho Urban ArtistUltra-Lightweight Field Easel Ultra-Lightweight Field Easel For Watercolorists!
Made of black anodized aluminum it will provide years of reliable service Super Deal Price $46.25
item# 89229 | was: $77.09
Save 41% Off reg.Soho Urban ArtistPlein Air Pochade Box Easel SoHo Plein Air Pochade Box Easel
Fully adjustable for a wide variation of painting angles hot buy$109.99
item# 89519 | Was: $186.59
Saint Remy Studio Easel
Studio Furniture
Shop For Taborets And Studio Organizers
HG Art Concepts Artists Storage Chests
Save 54% Off listMatisseFrench Painter's Taboret Matisse Taboret
made of seasoned Beechwood and can hold an enormous range of supplies & Comes 90% Assembled on sale $493.49
item# 68698 | list: $1,075.95
save 50% off listSoho Urban ArtistUV Sunscreen Umbrella SoHo Urban Artist UV Sunscreen Umbrella
Waterproof, with specially designed air vents on sale Price$42.99
item# 90095 | List: $86.75
save 40% off reg.Soho Urban ArtistAluminum Table Easel SoHo Aluminum Table Easel
Also great for travel and display Super Deal Price$13.85
item# 79480 | was: $23.09
Save 54% Off listCreativo+Large Art Messenger Bag Creativo+ Large Art Messenger Bag
great for Organizing and separating art supplies on sale$69.54
item# 90376 | list: $149.80
Dryden Art And Canvas Keepers
Folding Canvas Print RackMedium
save 40% off reg.AcuritAdjustable Brightness LED Light Box - 17x24" Adjustable Brightness LED Light Boxes
New and Improved Adjustable Brightness Super Deal Price $151.95
item# 89695 | Was: $373.50
save 40% off reg.Creative MarkProfessional Mahl Stick Professional Mahl Stick
The Best Traditional Mahl Stick! Expands To 35 7/8" In Length Super Deal price$19.79
item# 45182 | was: $32.99
Frame your masterpiece
Imperial Frames
up to 49% Off listMuseum CollectionNouveau Frames Museum Collection Nouveau Frames
Closed corner frames hand-finished and leafed by expert craftsmen on sale starting$29.95
List starting: $54.75
save 56% off listAmbianceGallery Clip Frames - Boxes of 6 Ambiance Gallery Clip Frames
Minimalistic, and easy to use for any artwork sale price starting$8.59
List starting: $12.69
Museum plein aire frames
Gotham White Deep Gallery Frames
save 40% off reg.Soho Urban ArtistSoft Portfolio SoHo Soft Portfolio
Heavy-duty, water-resistant black nylon portfolio Perfect for Carrying artwork Super Deal Price$11.39
item# 87100 | was: $18.99
Save 47% Off listNew York CentralCross-Back Apron - Natural Color SoHo Soft Portfolio
hold the tools you need for working in the studio without the painful stress on your neck on sale$21.79
item# 90398 | list: $40.75
Save 52% Off ListArt ExpoFloor Print Rack Art Expo Print Rack
great for Displaying flat artwork Gallery and Artfair shows, Art will not be scratched on sale$125.99
item# 69494 | List: $262.45
Save 40% Off reg.Creative MarkSelf Healing Cutting Mat 18x24" Creative Mark Self Healing Cutting Mats
Perfect for Cutting designs, silhouettes, overlays, layouts and much more Super Deal Price$12.38
item# 13365 | was: $20.69
Cardinali Renewal Core Floater Frames
Millbrook Ready Made Frames
save 40% off reg.GoSeePresentation & Portfolio Books Professional Archival Presentation & Portfolio Books - GoSee
24, acid-free black divider sheets super deal price starting$4.49
was Starting: $7.49
save 40% off reg.Creative MarkArtist Leaning Bridge - 30" Long Artist Leaning Bridges
Perfect for use with any media! Super Deal Price$45.65
item# 71455 | was: $76.09
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