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TURNER - Colors Imported From Japan ... A Jerry's Artarama Exclusive!

Turner Acryl Gouache Turner Acryl Gouache Soft Fomula

Turner Acryl Gouache

Combines the Best Qualities Of Acrylic and Gouache!

  • Huge range includes 195 brilliant colors
  • Works on any hard surface
  • Super brilliant colors
  • Beautiful matte finish
  • Minimal color shift
  • More pigment load than other acrylics
  • Great for illustrations, murals and scenic art

This color line is the world's finest for illustrative techniques with acrylics. It is incredibly versatile, adhering to a wide variety of materials such as wood, acrylic boards, stone, cloth, clay, metal, slate, glass, aluminum, iron, hard vinyl, styrofoams and artist canvas. It can also be used on properly sized paper without any pre-prep, and even works for outdoor painting, too. The colors are quick drying and water-reducible, yet water resistant when dry. They can be applied in multiple layers with no bleeding or streaking and have a velvet-like matte finish with brilliant color hue. The range offers intense colors that dry with a non-reflective finish.

Turner Acryl Gouache Soft Fomula

New Soft Formula - Excellent Coverage For Mural Artists!

  • 52 soft formula colors available
  • Works on any hard surface
  • Brilliant results with a beautiful, matte finish
  • High pigment load ensures minimal color shift
  • Great for illustrations, murals and scenic art

Turner Acryl Gouache Soft Formula is ideal for working large-scale! In fact, its lower viscosity allows you to paint large areas straight from the tube with excellent coverage. A 500 ml bottle can cover 76 square feet of surface area without being thinned, or you can thin it slightly with water and cover up to 1,000 square feet. It's truly a mural artists' dream come true!

Soft Formula's pigment load is filled to the max. The secret is adding an acrylic polymer to the gouache, which allows more pigment to be added to the paint. Due to this high pigment load, Soft Formula has a natural matte finish without the use of additives. So what's the end result? Now the pure color you see while working is nearly identical to the dried, finished color.

Turner Design Gouache Turner Acryl Mediums

Turner Design Gouache

The Premier Opaque Watercolors, Used by New York Designers and Artists For Over 50 Years!

Imported from Japan, these colors have consistently been in the top tier of artist colors in the world. Unique, non bleeding feature allows you to paint light or white colors over dark when dry. Colors dry to a velvety finish showing no brush marks. By using a dry brush technique you can even achieve smoother and thinner layers. These colors employ the Munsell System to make color mixing extremely easy, and are constantly improved to be brilliant beyond comparison. Indeed much of Turner’s fame comes from this line of color used by New York Textile designers, graphic designers and artists for over 50 years. Pure gum arabic binder makes Turner Design Gouache adaptable for use with all of your favorite watercolors.

Please Note: The majority of colors in this range are lightfast, but there are several colors that are not. Please check the color tech notes for specific information.

Turner Acryl Mediums

Explore Stunning New Techniques and Painting Effects with These Exciting Acryl Mediums!

Jerry's carries an amazing selection of Turner Acryl Mediums. The two examples shown here are just a small sample of our full selection! Click here to see them all.

Gloss Medium -
A milky-white, water-based paste that becomes transparent and water-resistant after drying. Mixing Gel Medium with paint in 1:1 or more makes art work glossier, more translucent and also enables impasto technique. This medium can be used as an adhesive, therefore suitable for collage techniques.

Gloss Varnish - Milky-white liquid that dries to a transparent, water-resistant film. Can be used as a final coat to add gloss on art work as well as mixed with paints. The more varnish you mix the with a paint, the glossier, more transparent and more adhesive the paint is. Non-removable once dry.