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Watercolor Paints

Watercolor Paints

We offer of the widest selections of artist-quality watercolor paints on the web at the lowest prices! Dive right in and experience this fascinating painting medium with tubes, pans, and sets for any skill level and technique
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Great White OiL Paint, 150ml Tube

Watercolor Paint

At Jerry's Artarama we are proud to offer the widest selections of artist-quality watercolor paints at the best prices! Dive right in and experience this fascinating painting medium with tubes, pans, and sets from the finest manufacturers across the globe. Buy direct, save and find everything you need to create your best watercolor paintings.

Watercolor Painting Tips: Watercolor paint comes in three different forms: liquid, tube, and pan. One of the great features of watercolor paint is its transparent quality and luminance, watercolor's greatest strength is its ability to show complexity of color by revealing layers of transparent color. Jerry's carries a large selection of discount watercolor paints and all the best brands of from: LUKAS 1862 Aquarell, Daniel Smith Watercolors, Winsor & Newton, Turner, MaimeriBlu, Sennelier, Holbein, Grumbacher, Van Gogh, Schmincke and Old Holland, just a few of the extensive watercolor lines we carry.
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Versatility of Watercolors

Watercolor paint is a very versatile medium that can be used in conjunction with other art mediums, such as pen and ink, gouache, or watercolor pencils. This versatility allows artists to combine different techniques and create mixed media artworks. When selecting watercolor paints, consider factors such as the quality of the pigments, lightfastness ratings, and your personal preference for tube or pan paints.
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The Finest Watercolors for Artists

As a trusted source for artists, choose from the finest in professional watercolor paints, artist watercolor paint, gouache as well as great paint for art students and beginners; convenient sets perfect for travel or gifts, and mediums to enhance your watercolor painting experience. Buy Direct online to save even more and ensure you get the best watercolor paints curated by the pro's at Jerry's!

What's the difference between watercolor and gouache?

Watercolor and gouache are both types of paint that use water as a base. Watercolor is generally more transparent while gouache is more opaque.
You can add water to both and make changes as needed.
Watercolor is loved for its vibrancy and transparent characteristics while gouache can be applied in solid colors and can be rewet and reworked just like watercolors.