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Faber-Castell: Watercolor Pencils & Sets

Choose from our fine quality selection of watercolor pencils and sets made with a water-soluble pigment for artists. Watercolor pencils produce lively, translucent washes with vivid color that can be enhanced with a brush and water and blend easily into rich, vibrant color.
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Watercolor Pencils

Jerry's Artarama carries only the best selection of artist quality watercolor pencils also known as water-soluble pencils. Watercolor pencils produce lively, translucent washes with vivid color that can be enhanced with a brush and water. Watercolor painting pencils are used to oo create beautiful watercolor art with precision! Watercolor pencils consist of high-quality pigments that have a creamy texture and blend easily. Only At Jerry’s, you’ll find the finest quality of watercolor pencils from top brands like Cezanne, Faber-Castell, Caran d'Ache, Derwent, Cretacolor & more.


Watercolor Pencils(also known as water-soluble pencils) are pencils that can be used either as a dry media or wet media by adding water and blending with watercolor brushes or water-brush pens. Watercolor pencils create vibrant, colorful art much like watercolor paints. Suitable for use on paper and light-colored surfaces, they combine the convenience of a pencil with the vibrancy of watercolor. Watercolor pencils are a great way to add color and creativity to any project. From original pieces of art to colorful design work, these artist quality watercolor pencils offer every artist exactly what they need.

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What are Watercolor Pencils Used For?

Watercolor pencils are versatile tools used in various artistic applications such as watercolor painting pencils and pencil with watercolor. They are essentially colored pencils with water-soluble pigments, allowing artists to create both dry and wet effects. Some common uses for watercolor pencils are watercolor painting, layering and blending, mixed media artwork, travel and on-the-go art and more. They are popular among artists of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.
They can be used as:

  • An ideal way to create smooth color gradation
  • Use them on their own for rich opaque colors
  • To form a light outline around your subjects and then wash over the pencil marks with water to create soft shading
  • Produce light, smooth color gradations and rich, opaque brushes
  • A range of art applications, including drawing landscapes and portraits
  • Add vibrant color to your images, and to blend with water

What can you create with watercolor pencils? Watercolor pencils are suitable for various subjects, including landscapes, portraits, still life, and offer artists the flexibility to work with both dry and wet techniques, providing a range of creative possibilities. When water is applied to the colored pencil marks, the pigments dissolve and spread, creating soft washes of color. They can be used dry for traditional pencil drawing techniques, such as shading, hatching, and detailing. Artists use them wet by adding water to create painterly effects, such as washes, gradients, and blending.

Shop Jerry’s for the Best Watercolor Pencils

At Jerry’s, we only carry the best fine art quality of highly pigmented watercolor pencils for your art. Vibrant, colorful works of art are created by artists all over the world using watercolor pencils. Just like regular pencils, watercolor pencils can also be used for traditional art. You’ll find all the supplies you need in one convenient place. We’re proud of our ability to serve the artist community.