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"I am by nature drawn to drama and have honed a lifelong habit of eavesdropping and "innocent" voyeurism. If you have seen my Italian scenes (especially in Caffé Luna) over the years and most recently my exploration of "Beach People" (for which I am grateful to have received a fair amount of publicity), the storytelling and voyeurism becomes most evident. Being part Italian, I am naturally drawn to Italian people and culture (food, wine, cafés!). Quite honestly, I have a need to relive and recreate moments in Italy. These ongoing oils bring to reality the enduring beauty and intrigue of places like: Portofino, Venice, Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Bellagio, Rome, and more."

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DVD Title - "Go Big"

  • Description - Nicole Kennedy, artist, art instructor, and gallery owner, demonstrates the methods and techniques used by artists to take their art to a larger scale. Nicole will teach you how to break down the painting into steps, making the process of "going big" a breeze. Creating large paintings increases the value of your art and helps you get noticed! When it comes to large scale painting, there is no better teacher than Nicole. Her gallery experience has given her extensive insight into what works and what doesn't. Get a front row seat for "Go Big!", Nicole Kennedy's new workshop on large scale art! 
  • Media - Oil Colors
  • Skill Level - All Skill Levels
  • Length - 150 minutes
  • Technique - Large Scale Painting

DVD Title - "Turning It Upside Down"

  • Description - It may sound silly, but the simple act of painting upside down (not you, the picture) allows you to focus on the most important areas in making a painting. Most of the time, getting caught up in the details of a picture restrict you from completing your art. By turning your art upside down you can paint the objects, shapes, and colors you see without the distraction of the image itself. This unorthodox style has a fun methodology and surprisingly positive results! 
  • Media - Oil Colors
  • Skill Level - All Skill Levels
  • Length - 96 minutes
  • Technique - Turning Your Artwork Upside Down

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