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Luana Luconi Winner Portrait Art DVDs

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A founding member of the Portrait Society of America, Luana Luconi Winner was schooled in Rome, Florence, Switzerland, and the USA, and currently resides in North Carolina. Her studies included high school in Rome, Italy, college in Switzerland, and study in New York at the Art Students League, the Florence Academy of Art, and study with the world's greatest portrait artists. Now a nationally recognized portrait artist, Luana's portraits and murals hang in corporations, universities, and residences on both sides of the ocean. Luana is a stimulating workshop teacher stateside and abroad.

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DVD Title - "Nudes from Life in Oils"

  • Description - The human form offers timeless beauty. In Luana Luconi Winner's series "Nudes from Life," you will get the opportunity to learn about recreating the figure from a live model. Unlike drawing or painting from an image, learn how to take advantage of a live model as well as how to recreate all the elements that go into an organic looking piece of art. In this DVD, Winner focuses on the female form. The model, being 6 months pregnant, offers the unique beauty that only a mother-to-be can bring, and aids in learning of the human curvature. A very special opportunity in figure painting that should not be missed! 
  • Media - Oils
  • Skill Level - All Skill Levels
  • Length - 98 minutes
  • Technique - Figure Drawing, Life Drawing

DVD Title - "Portraits from Life in Pastels"

  • Description - Portraits were made throughout history as a means to capture an individual in their element in a certain period of time. Far more intimate than simply a photograph, a portrait gives the opportunity to show your subject in any way you chose. In this workshop, Luana will step you through the elements of creating portraits in pastels, with a focus on children. Learn her tricks for capturing youth in a face, creating glowing skin tones, realistic features, and most importantly helping keep your subject still. Take the opportunity and learn to create stunning pastel portraits, and perhaps a family heirloom! 
  • Media - Pastels
  • Skill Level - All Skill Levels
  • Length - 64 minutes
  • Technique - Pastel Painting

Portrait Sketch Workshop Series - Includes 4 DVDs (Each sold separately.)

  • Description -In this beginner's "Portrait Sketch Workshop" series, master portrait artist Luana Luconi Winner takes the mystery out of painting the face! Starting from just an initial sketch, Winner will go through all the basic steps to putting a portrait together in your favorite mediums! These DVD workshops will show you how, no matter what medium you choose, anyone can learn portrait painting with ease! 
  • Media - You Choose: Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, or Watercolors
  • Skill Level - All Skill Levels
  • Length - See Below
  • Technique - Portrait Painting

"Portrait Sketch Workshop in Acrylics" - 34 minutes

"Portrait Sketch Workshop in Oils" - 37 minutes

"Portrait Sketch Workshop in Pastels" - 31 minutes

"Portrait Sketch Workshop in Watercolors" - 31 minutes

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