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Daylight Lamps and Bulbs

See What a Difference Daylight® Makes!™

Precise color matching is essential for any type of artist, which is why an adequate light source is such a fundamental need. Daylight lamps and magnifying lamps provide perfect, simulation light for excellent clarity, color matching and reduced eye strain.

Many artists need to do detailed work, often for long periods. Daylight has responded to this need by providing a wide range of magnifiers for general and specialized purposes. A variety of products with different lenses and magnification powers are available, making detailed work possible and comfortable at any time of day and night!

The Importance of Daylight® - We all recognize that natural daylight is a healthier and more comfortable light to work under. As humans, we are able to see better in natural light and also see colors more accurately. Moreover, the qualities of daylight which include high contrast and low glare, result in reduced eye strain, less stress and higher work output. 

Most lights—be they tungsten, fluorescent or halogen—emit a reddish yellow glow. While this creates a warm comfortable ambience, the distortion created is stressful to the eyes, and can be disastrous for people working with color or doing detailed work. All Daylight bulbs and tubes are very similar to natural daylight and retain most of its benefits. 
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