Everything Oils Super Sale Plus Buy One Get One FREE Brush Sale
Everything Oils Super Sale Plus Buy One Get One FREE Brush Sale
Everything Oils Super Sale Plus Buy One Get One FREE Brush Sale

Soho Urban Artist: Display & Presentation Easels

Jerry's professional selection of display easels are great for both work, painting and display, and take up very little room for storage. Perfect for sketching in the field or in the studio. Can be used to display paintings, signs, your artwork or presentations.
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Display Style Easels

Find affordable, fine quality and durable craftmanship display easels & presentation easels at Jerry's for every purpose, whether you are a student, artist, teacher or professional. Display easels are made for showing a painting and giving artists the ability to display their art upright. They're also very useful for propping up a paintings done on canvases, panels, papers or boards. Artists will also use in some cases for painting, or as a table top easel too. Presentation easels work well to display paintings, signs, artwork or presentations to showcase art at home, at art fairs, in the classroom, workshops, and in stores.

Why Display Style Easels?

Display easels can often be made in smaller sizes or adjust to a smaller size to be use as tabletop easels which as artist, you can use to display your artwork at home, studio, shows, classrooms, workshops, events and more. Artist all over the world trust Jerry's for their display and presentation easel needs and trust we make a develop only the best materials!

Jerry's, the Trusted Source for Artists!

As a trusted source for over 50 years, artists choose Jerry's Artarama for better materials, great savings, curated products and expert service. We’re committed to providing artists with 100% satisfaction and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect display and presentation easel you need.