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We offer a wide selection of artist manikins and anatomical models, the perfect reference for the professional artist and student alike. From life size human skeletons and horses to traditional male and female figures, we have all the anatomical figures you need—all at incredible savings! Our artist manikins cover a vast range of drawing requirements. For example, Jerry’s realistic skull manikins, which can be positioned at virtually any angle, are immeasurably useful aids for human skull drawing. 

Our complete human skeletons are extraordinary objects, hand-crafted from wood, and require virtually no assembly. The human skeleton structure joints, including the jaw, are fully articulated for a full range of motion. If you’re looking for something more lifelike than a wooden artist manikin, we offer Art S. Buck’s plastic molded anatomical figures with a wide spectrum of movement. 

Jerry’s also carries foot and hand manikins for exceptional detail in drawing extremities. And in addition to human skulls and skeletons for artists, Jerry’s sells horse manikins and anatomical figures for several other animals. Whether you’re looking for a complete human skeleton, an anatomical sculpture for human skull drawing, or any other variety of anatomical models, you can bone up here at Jerry’s!

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