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Papermate: Art Pens

Find the best pens for creating art! Art pens are versatile tools that can be used to draw, write, paint, and more. The type of art pen used by an artist is important as it can affect the quality of the work produced. Choose from drawing, fine-liners, brush pens and more
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Art Pens

An artist's pen is a tool that is used to create art. It is a versatile tool that can be used to draw, write, paint, and more. The type of opens for artists are important as it they can dramatically affect the quality of the work produced. Many different types of are available to artists, such as felt tip, brush tip, technical pens, fine-liners and the best gel pens for art. Each type of pen has its own unique qualities, such as ink flow and line thickness. When choosing a pen, an artist should consider their desired artistic outcome and how the pen can help them achieve it. For writing, illustrating, hand lettering, graphic design, or any activity that requires a high-quality art pen, Jerry's has the best selection of pens for your artistic needs.

What are art pens used for? Art pens are available in a range of tip sizes and ink colors, allowing artists to choose the right tool for their specific needs. They are specialized pens designed for artistic and illustrative purposes. They typically feature a fine, tapered tip that allows for precise and controlled lines. For use in: Sketching and drawing, Illustration, Hand lettering and calligraphy, Zentangle and doodling and Mixed media artwork.

What pens draw on canvas? There are several types of pens that can be used. Here are a few options: Acrylic paint markers, Oil-based paint markers, Permanent ink markers. POSCA paint markers are excellent to use on canvas paintings.

Need to find the best quality acrylic paint pens? Jerry's has the best brands of acrylic paint pens and markers for artists.