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Sennelier Artists Inks and Sets

Sennelier's inks are likened to China inks and are available in a huge selection of high quality colors. Colors are mixable with each other and with the thinner can be reduced for various techniques. Gold, Silver and Opaque White are really lovely additions to your available supplies. All colors are extremely rich, made with a shellac gum binder giving them a unique brilliance, brightness and vibration under light. They dry rapidly and display a high degree of water resistance, without being indelible. 

By fixing with Krylon UV Spray Fixative, Sennelier Ink's light stability is greatly increased. If you are looking for a particularly dense black, try Sennelier Encre De Chine A La Pagode, or China Black. This lightfast, super deep black is totally waterproof and superb for any painter's studio. Use these inks with brush, ink pen or airbrush on paper, board, scratch board card, laminated paper and prepared films. Imported from France.

Available in 30 ml and 1 Litre Bottles (30ml = 1oz, 1 Litre = 33.8oz)

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