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BEST Artists' Stretcher Bars and Cross Braces

A world of museum quality stretcher bars!

Please allow ADDITIONAL DELIVERY TIME for these items. For further information, call our Order Dept (800-827-8478).

All of BEST's Stretcher Bars are designed so that the canvas is always a full ½" (except light weight) from the stretcher bar to insure that there will be no "ghost" impressions on the canvas. The rounded back edge reduces surface friction and allows for a smoother, tighter draw on the canvas for a more even painting surface. All feature a slotted back for easy installation of cross braces.

Click Here for the Jack Richeson BEST Framing Guide >

Please note: Stretcher Keys and Cross Braces are sold only with Stretcher Bar orders. BEST Stretcher Bars are sent directly from the manufacturer.

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