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Yes! Canvas: Stretched Canvas

We carry a large selection of artist stretched canvas and painting canvases for the painter on sale in any media from standard to better quality stretched canvas. Stretched canvas is popularly used as a painting surface for for many works of art
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Stretched Canvas

We carry a large selection of stretched canvas and artist painting canvases for the painter in any media including professional quality stretched canvas. Stretched canvas is popularly used as a painting surface for oil paints for painting, acrylic paints, watercolors, caseins, egg tempera, and other artistic mediums. This term refers to canvas that is stretched and secured to a wooden frame (also known as a stretcher bar) to be used for original paintings. Most canvases are made within 100% cotton while others are made from linen. The great thing about using canvas for paintings is the artwork survives its creators for centuries, letting you can pass on your masterpiece.

What’s the Difference Between Stretched Canvas and Canvas Board?

There are several differences between stretched canvas and canvas boards. Canvas boards, also called canvas panels, are usually made with a piece of cotton canvas that is glued onto a flat, stiff backing made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Canvas boards are sturdy, come in a variety of sizes, do not have an edge, and are more difficult to ruin. Although canvas boards offer strong support for your artwork, they are not built to last longer than a few decades. This style of canvas can warp over longer periods of time, may cause your work to be perceived as less valuable, and can be harder to hang.

By comparison, stretched canvas is a piece of canvas that has been stretched over a wooden frame. A pre-stretched canvas is perfect for those who do not have the time to stretch and prime their canvas. Most artists enjoy the convenience and quality of a pre-stretched canvas. It is fun to stretch your own canvas, but if you don't need to or want to, we have your solution! Jerry's has a wide range of shapes and sizes of only the finest, so we are sure you will find just what you are looking for! If you still want to stretch your own canvas, we have canvas rolls and canvas blankets available in a variety of textures and weights.

Are Stretched Canvases Better?

Stretched canvases are not necessarily better, but it depends on what you prefer for your painting surface. Canvas boards offer affordable, strong canvas surfaces that are difficult to ruin and do not have any give, whereas, stretched canvases tend to be more expensive, bounce back when pressure is applied to them and they have the potential to warp or tear if pressed on with too much force. As an artist, you may prefer the look and feel of one type of canvas over the other and this is how you should decide which to use. Find out more on What Type of Canvas Should I Buy?

What Type of Canvas Is Best for Oil Paints?

The type of canvas that is best for oil paints is either linen or cotton canvas. The canvas should be primed for either oil or acrylic, so when selecting your canvas, be sure to choose a canvas that is primed for specifically for oil paints.

We carry only the best stretched canvas for oil painters made exclusively by Jerry's.

For the best Oil Primed Canvas we recommend: Centurion Deluxe Oil Primed Linen Professional Stretched Canvas made with an Exclusive OP Enhanced Oil Priming for archival and longevity.

How Long Does a Canvas Last?

How long a canvas lasts depends on the type of canvas. Canvas boards typically last a few decades while cotton stretched canvases can last over 100 years. Some linen stretched artist canvases boast a lifespan of over 500 years.

Discover The Best Artist Canvases at Jerry’s

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