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Escoda Brush: Watercolor Brushes

Jerry's carries a wide variety of the best watercolor brushes for watercolor painting. It is important that from beginner to artist to professional, to use the right quality watercolor brushes. Our materials experts source, curate, develop and we offer only fines for your works of art
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Beste Superior Golden Taklon Hair Brushes

Watercolor Painting Brushes

It is important that from beginner to artist to professional, to use the right quality watercolor brushes. Our materials experts at Jerry's source, curate, develop and offer only finest to improve your paintings and artwork. Find watercolor brushes available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials each playing a role in crafting watercolor masterpieces.

As an artist, it is important to consider special features based on your painting style, techniques, and personal preferences. Watercolor brushes are designed for high absorbency to hold more paint, allowing for longer strokes and smoother application. We carry the largest choices of hair types and filaments ranging from natural hairs, superior synthetics and a blend of natural & synthetic brushes in many shapes. The shape of a brush determines its versatility and the type of marks it can create. Common brush shapes for watercolor painting include round, flat, filbert, rigger, fan, mop, angular, hake, liner, mottler, quill and dagger brushes. (For our watercolor shape and details guide see: The Best Watercolor Brushes.) We even carry many specialty brushes for correcting watercolor mistakes, travel, washes, brush pens and so much more.

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One of the many benefits is, they come in shapes and sizes from small/very fine, to large/very large. The size of the brush affects the width of the stroke it can create. Smaller brushes are ideal for work and thin lines while larger brushes excel at covering areas, holding more water and creating washes.

What is the most common handle size for watercolor brushes? Most are made with short handles. The length and shape of the brush handle can affect comfort and control while painting. Shorter handles offer more control for detailed work while longer handles provide better reach and leverage. Some brushes have ergonomic handles designed to reduce hand fatigue during extended painting sessions.

What is the most popular watercolor brush hair? Kolinsky sable. Kolinsky sable hair comes from the tail of the Siberian weasel, specifically the male Kolinsky species. It is highly valued for its exceptional ability to hold water and pigment, its springiness, and its fine point, which allows for precise control and smooth application of paint.

We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of premium watercolor brushes in every shape, size and hair type from crafted by skilled brushmakers created to last, perform and offer unique advantages. Now with more advanced technology, Jerry's makes synthetic versions made to mimic if not perform better than natural Kolinsky making them animal friendly. You get what you pay for so buy better supplies from the specialists at Jerry's!

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