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DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, Mediums & Sticks

Experience the quality of Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors and Watercolor Sets!

We are proud to carry the exceptional line of Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors. Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints are a go-to for many professional watercolorists. With Dan Smith Watercolors and Sets, pigments are key. Featuring 247 stunning colors—the widest color range of professional watercolor paints—this line offers unrivaled quality and versatility. This color range offers 13 Quinacridone colors, 37 Primatek™ genuine (naturally occurring) pigments and an astonishing selection of 207 single pigment colors! Of these 247 colors, 244 have a lightfast rating of LR I or LR II. Experience the quality of color with Daniel Smith—manufactured in the Unites States!

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