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New York Central Acrylic Mediums
Painter's Color Diary By HG Art Concepts
Mimik High Performance Synthetic Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes
Acrylic Paints and Mediums
save 55% off list
AmsterdamExpert Acrylic Paints -75ml & 150ml tubes
Amsterdam Expert Acrylic Paints -75ml & 150ml tubes
Heavy Body Professional Series Acrylics - With Color You Can See Right Inside The Tube
super sale starting$4.48list starting: $9.95
save 70% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistHeavy Body Acrylic, 3-Pack - 250ml Tubes
Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paints - 120ml Tubes
SoHo Urban Artist Acrylics give you all the best-loved qualities of an artist acrylic color at a very affordable price point
super sale$17.99item# 84320A | list: $59.55
Charvin Extra Fine Artists' Acrylic Paints
save 57% off list
Marie'sExtra Fine Acrylic Colour Set of 18 - 12ml Tubes
Maries Extra Fine Acrylic Set of 18
extra-fine quality permanent and lightfast acrylics
super sale$9.16item# 56837 | list: $21.30
save 66% off list
SoHo Urban Artist Heavy Body Acrylics Set of 48 - 12ml Tubes
SoHo Urban Artist Heavy Body Acrylics Value Set of 48 - 12ml Tubes
Super saturated colors with excellent coverage
hot buy$19.99Item# 90469 | list: $59.40
save up to 60% off list
Creative InspirationsAcrylic Paints - 500ml Squeeze Bottles
Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paints - 500ml Bottles
Colors are bright, vibrant and very pigmented
on sale starting$6.99list starting: $17.50
save up to 57% off list
Chroma A›2Student Artists Acrylics
Chroma A›2 Student Artists Acrylics
Intense color brilliance and clarity with a Full range of colors for easy mixing
super sale starting $3.22list starting: $7.57
SoHo Urban Artist Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Sets
save 40% off list
Old HollandNew Masters Classic Acrylics - 60ml tubes & 250ml jars
Old Holland New Masters Classic Acrylics - 60ml tubes & 250ml jars
can be used for a wide range of techniques from thick impasto to ultra-thin glazing
on sale starting:$7.55list starting: $12.59
save up to 28% off list
ChromaAcrylic Mural Paints - 16oz, 64oz. & 1 Gallon jars
Chroma Acrylic Mural Paints
lightfast, water-resistant durable acrylic formula that is water-mixable and permanent when dry
super sale starting$7.07list starting: $9.78
save up to 63% off list
LUKAS CrylLiquid Artists' Acrylics - 250ml Tubes
LUKAS Cryl Liquid Acrylics
Great for for fine glazing or watercolor techniques
on sale starting$12.99List starting: $33.70
save 37% off list
Amsterdam ExpertExpert Acrylics Set of 6- 20ml tubes
Amsterdam Expert Acrylics Set of 6 20ml tubes
heavy-bodied viscosity of the paint is perfect for use with a brush or painting knife. Perfect for Murals and wall paintings
sale price$18.77item# v33129 | list: $29.95
Charvin Extra Fine Artists' Acrylic Amore Paint Sets
Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paint 1.8 Liter Jugs
save 48% off list
Winsor & NewtonGaleria Acrylic Sets
Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Set of 10
wonderfully affordable, yet impressive in their vibrancy and quality
super sale starting $14.71list starting: $28.39
save 58% off list
GrumbacherAcademy Acrylics - 90ml Tubes
Grumbacher Academy Acrylics
48 brilliant process colors, Metallic and iridescent colors & Highly pigmented
super sale starting$3.29list starting: $7.75
save 43% off list
Daler-RowneyFW Acrylic Water-Resistant Artists Inks - 1oz Dropper
Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Water-Resistant Artists Inks
Water resistant Acrylic based pigmented ink in 1oz bottles
sale price$5.01List: $8.75
save 43% off list
Daler-RowneyFW Acrylic Pearlescent Liquid Artist's Inks - 1oz Dropper
Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Artist's Inks
Water Based Acrylic Colours Producing A Shimmering Pearl Effect
sale price$5.01List: $8.75
SoHo Artist Disposable Studio Wipes
save up to 52% off list
GrumbacherHigh Quality Acrylic Mediums
Grumbacher Acrylic Mediums
Incorporate Amazing Texture And Dimension Into Your Mixed Media Art Pieces
super sale starting$9.24list starting: $19.15
save up to 46% off list
Liquitex Professional Acrylic Effects Mediums
Liquitex Basics Acrylic Value Sets
Achieve Various Techniques, Applications, Special Effects & Pouring. Dry Transparent Or Translucent
super sale starting$7.17list starting: $12.79
New York Central Acrylic Mediums
New York Central Acrylic Gesso
save up to 50% off list
Creative InspirationsAcrylic Mediums & Varnishes
Creative Inspirations Acrylic Mediums & Varnishes
Enhances translucency and increases film integrity
on sale starting$7.55list starting: $15.05
save up to 46% off list
LiquitexAcrylic Finishing Varnishes
Liquitex Acrylic Finishing Varnishes
comes in several different sheens, which can all be intermixed for a customized sheen
super sale starting$12.03list starting: $22.29
LUKAS Acrylic Pouring Mediums
save 46% off list
Winsor & NewtonArtists Acrylic Mediums And Additives
Winsor & Newton Artists Acrylic Mediums And Additives
improve flow of acrylic paints, add body, lengthen drying time and more
super sale starting$7.11list starting: $13.19
save up to 47% off list
LiquitexAcrylic Fluid Mediums
Liquitex Acrylic Fluid Mediums
give your paint a gloss or matte finish, while thinning and extending its volume
super sale starting$7.17list starting: $12.79
save up to 46% off list
LiquitexAcylic Gel Mediums
Liquitex Acrylic Gels & Pastes
Liquitex Gel Mediums can add texture, enhance color and increase transparency
super sale starting$10.56list starting: $19.59
save 50% off list
Creative InspirationsAcrylic White Gesso - 1.8 liter
Creative Inspirations Acrylic White Gesso - 1.8 liter
It is an ideal primer for use with Art Journaling, due to its smooth application and clean white color
super sale$19.99item# 87759 | list: $39.95
LUKAS Acrylic Pouring Mediums
Brushes and Accessories
save 79% off list
Creative MarkBrushes Set Of 15 With Brush Case
Creative Mark Brushes Set Of 15 With Brush Easel Case
Sablesque brush hair providing precise shaping & supplenes for All types of media
hot buy$25.21item# 89536 | list: $118.45
save up to 80% off list
Pro StrokePowercryl Ultimate Acrylic Brushes
Pro Stroke Powercryl Ultimate Acrylic Brushes
interlocked construction allows hair to spring back into position, time and time again
on sale starting$4.29list starting: $17.80
Black Knight Sword Liners By Creative Mark
save up to 78% off list
StaccatoLong-Handle Synthetic Brushes and sets
Staccato Long-Handle Synthetic Brushes
full-bodied hair of the brush comes to a tapered edge or fine, springy point so you can control any paint viscosity
on sale starting$4.36list starting: $13.05
save up to 70% off list
Hamburg PremierProfessional Handmade Brushes and sets
Hamburg Premier Professional Handmade Brushes
Proprietary strategic blend of synthetic and natural hair
on sale starting:$5.70list starting: $16.95
save up to 82% off list
Imperial Bristlehungking Hog Brushes
Imperial Professional Chungking Hog Bristle Brushes
The Best Redefined! Softest And Fullest Bristle Brush On The Market
hot buy starting$4.16list starting: $16.35
save up to 78% off list
Ebony SplendorShort-Handled Brushes
Ebony Splendor Teijin Multi-Filament Short-Handled Brushes
Ideal for watercolor, gouache, and inks
on sale starting$1.90list starting: $5.80
Try Me Brush Sets By Creative Mark
save 72% off list
Pro WhiteProfessional Value Set of 14
Pro White Professional Value Set of 14
Remarkably fine, soft white filament hair, Pure nickel plated seamless type A ferrules
sale price $38.84Item# 89788 | list: $136.45
save 69% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistValue Brush Sets of 5
SoHo Urban Artist Value Brush Sets of 5
quality watercolor, oil and acrylic brushes great for students
sale price $14.69List: $47.25
save up to 79% off list
Rhapsody KolinskySable Artist Brushes
Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brushes
Rhapsody uses only winter coat, male tail Kolinsky hair (the bushiest and most responsive brush hair available)
hot buy starting$8.39list starting: $31.45
save 46% off list
Creative MarkCylo FIFO Squeeze Paint 32oz Bottle
Creative Mark Cylo FIFO Squeeze Paint Bottle
keeps your paint fresher longer while minimizing paint waste because the acrylic color at the bottom of the bottle is always used first
hot buy$3.19item# 90254 | list: $5.95
Bonn Bristle Blend Mottlers By Creative Mark
Creative Mark Micro Mini Detail Brushes
save 59% off list
Creative MarkSave It! Paint Extruder - Black
Creative Mark Save It! Paint Tube Extruders & Tube Rollers
Made entirely of Aluminum alloy to be both light and durable. Simple and easy to use
super sale$14.99item# 86118 | list: $36.95
save 41% off list
Creative MarkPlastic Tube Wringer
Creative Mark Plastic Tube Wringer
Save money and eliminate frustration by using more of the paint in your paint tubes
super sale$6.18item# 32581 | list: $10.50
save 44% off list
Creative MarkUniversal Tube Twister Keys
Creative Mark Universal Tube Twister Keys
Extract every last drop of paint from the tube without it crimping or cracking
super sale$4.49item# 90133 | list: $7.95
save 53% off list
Acryl A MiserAir Tight Palette System
Acryl A Miser Air Tight Palette System
Save color blends for up to 2 weeks. Never needs washing - paint just peels off
super sale$32.10item# 73816 | list: $67.85
save up t0 48% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistDisposable Paper Palette Pads
SoHo Disposable White Paper Palette Pads
Disposable White Paper Palette Pads - 2x Thicker Than Any Other Brand
super sale starting $4.49list starting: $8.50
save 34% off list
DarwinStain Resistant Butcher Tray Palette
Darwin Stain Resistant Butcher Tray Palette
Easier To Clean Then Glass, Ceramic, Wood Or Plastic Palettes. Made of Nano Particle Size Material
sale price $32.99Item# 89527 | list: $49.95
save 48% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistAir-Tight Mixed Media Palette
Soho Air-Tight Mixed Media Palette
Airtight And Great For Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Acrylic Or Alcohol Inks
super sale$16.99Item# 89710 | list: $32.95
save 64% off list
True ColorPeel Off Palette Neutral Grey - Oval
True Color Peel Off Palette Neutral Grey - Oval Arm
True To Color And Easy To Clean
super sale$5.49item# 87712 | list: $15.20
save up to 61% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistGrey Toned Disposable Paper Palettes
SoHo Grey Toned Disposable Paper Palette Pads
40 Specially Coated Disposable Sheets
super sale starting$5.22list starting: $13.20
save 49% off list
Creative MarkDouble Flower Watercolor Palette
Creative Mark Double Flower Palette
2 portable watercolor palettes made of durable plastic
super sale$3.38Item# 87715 | list: $6.60
Mezzo Artist Paint & Brush Racks
save up to 61% off list
Creative MarkPalette, Paint & Solvent Cups
Creative Mark Palette, Paint & Solvent Cups
Stainless Steel, Nickeled Brass, Tin And Plastic Paint Palette Cups Holds water as well as acrylic mediums
super sale starting$1.99list starting: $3.95
save up to 73% off list
Creative MarkEmpty Aluminum Paint Tube Boxes
Creative Mark Empty Aluminum Paint Tube Boxes
Make And Store Your Own Paint Colors With Empty Paint Tubes
on sale starting $29.99list starting: $79.95
save 73% off list
Creative InspirationsSuper Paint Pumps 1.8 Liter 3 Pack
Creative Inspirations Super Paint Pumps 1.8 Liter 3 Pack
1.8 liter Pumps for Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paint Jugs
hot buy $5.71item# 89525 | list: $20.95
save 40% off list
Animal Manikins8" tall Horse
Creative Mark Animal Manikins 8" tall Horse
8" Natural Horse Manikins - With one center support pole. Natural waxed finish with all brass fittings
sale price$85.94Item# 60780 | list: $143.50
Creative Inspirations Super Value Stretched Canvas Packs
save 50% off list
HG Art ConceptsPainter's Color Diary
HG Art Concepts Painter's Color Diary
fail-proof layout that allows you to record swatch information for future reference
hot buy$14.99item# 90541 | list: $29.95
save 67% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistMarker Paper Pad - 11x14"
SoHo Urban Artist Marker Paper Pads
Smooth / Heavyweight Acid-Free surface perfect For alcohol-based, water-based, acrylic-based, and solvent-based markers
super sale$7.19item# 90528 | list: $21.50
save 48% off list
Da VinciProfessional Liquid Art Multi-Media Panels - 11x14" Box of 12
Da Vinci Professional Liquid Art Multi-Media Panels - 11x14" Box of 12
Great for Fluid acrylics, High flow acrylics Pouring paints & pouring mediums
sale price$171.46item# 88728B | list: $331.20
save up to 58% off list
New York CentralProfessional Canvas & Linen AlumaComp Panels
New York Central Professional Canvas Panels
Perfect For Oils, alkyds, acrylics, egg tempera, and caseins. Hand Mounted with 8 Professional Surfaces.
on sale starting$8.09list starting: $16.15
SoHo Acrylic Canvas Pads
Artfinity Synthesis Multimedia Watercolor Paper Pads
save 37% off list
Art AlternativesSketchbooks Hardbound, Spiral & Mixed Media
Art Alternatives Sketchbooks Hardbound, Spiral & Mixed Media
acid free, 75lb, bright white paper that is ideal for drawing, sketching and writing in any dry media
hot buy starting$4.40list starting: $6.99
save 57% off list
Centurion LXAll Media Primed Linen Panels - 11x14" Pack of 3
Centurion LX All Media Primed Linen Panels - 11x14" Pack of 3
acid free, Archival Linen Oils, Acrylics, Alkyds, Caseins, Egg Tempera, Water-Mixable Oils
sale price$16.72item# 86398 | list: $39.00
Shop For DaVinci Pro Panels
Easels and studio Furniture
Organize Your Studio or Workshop
save 54% off list
MatisseFrench Painter's Taboret
Matisse French Painter's Taboret
Made of sturdy Beechwood construction with a Hinged top that folds out and back
sale price$493.49Item# 68698 | list: $1,075.95
save 55% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistLightweight Mahogany French Easel
SoHo Urban Artist Lightweight Mahogany French Easel
A Full Size French Easel That Weighs Less Than 9lbs! 30% Lighter Than Other French Easels
hot buy$109.99Item# 89098 | list: $245.00
SoHo Urban Artist UV Sunscreen Umbrella
SoHo Urban Artist Aluminum Field Easel
save 62% off list
MontereyMulti-Angle Studio H-Frame Easel
Monterey Multi-Angle Convertible Studio H-Frame Easel
A Convertible Easel With A Huge Range Of Angles From Horizontal To Vertical To Forward Tilting
sale price$367.49Item# 68850 | list: $955.75
save 42% off list
OverbyPocket Table Easel
Overby Pocket Table Easel
Great Table Easel Anywhere, Works Outdoors As Well As Indoors & Excellent For Display
sale price$10.99Item# 71452 | list: $18.95
save 65% off list
Thriftytable top easels - 3 Pack Natural
Thrifty Natural Finish - lightweight table top easels
Holds various items such as artwork, photographs, signs, white boards, or chalk boards up to 22" high
hot buy$24.27Item# 89795A | list: $69.15
save 55% off list
TaoBamboo Table Easel Stand
ao Bamboo Table Easel And Drawing Stand
Adjusts to several heights to accommodate a variety or canvas or pads
sale price$17.94Item# 88683 | list: $39.70
Valerri Lightweight Adjustable Travel Easel By Creative Inspirations
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