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Supplies, information and details for: Plant Morphology for Artists - Academy of Botanical Art

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Plant Morphology for Artists - Academy of Botanical Art
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Academy of Botanical Art - Plant Morphology for Artists
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Academy of Botanical Art

Message / Details

The objective of this class on Plant Morphology is to introduce the structure and function of plants, botanical terminology for these structures, and how the scientific botanical artist must portray this information for the scientific community. Please bring several Plastic Zip Lock Glad® Bags or similar, in several sizes, for plant specimens. You will be using both tracing paper and drawing paper for assignments. If you would like to render your drawings in pen & ink, select the Bienfang Graphics Pad of Translucent Paper instead of the drawing paper, or bring your own choice of Drafting Film. You will need all your usual drawing supplies, your ink supplies if you plan to use pen & ink, . You will also need your dissection tools, and a hand-held magnifier or microscope for this class. Be sure to get a cork from a wine bottle so you can safely cork your straight needle dissecting tool. Refill your drawing supplies where necessary.

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Canson Artist Tracing Paper Pad 19"x24", 50 Sheets #70625 1 $26.57
Strathmore 400 Series Heavyweight Drawing Pad, 24 Sheets 14x17" #V18436 1 $12.56
Bienfang Graphics Pads 360 11" x 14" #17386 1 $25.22
Subtotal $64.35

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