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Supplies, information and details for: Art Equipment for Students of the Academy of Botanical Art

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Art Equipment for Students of the Academy of Botanical Art
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Academy of Botanical Art - Art Equipment
School/Workshop/Organization Name:
Academy of Botanical Art

Message / Details

Academy of Botanical Art and Academy Students have found the following products to be a necessity for creating beautiful botanical art, and we are sure you will, too. Various models and different sizes are available. Select the size that best suits your needs and fits your studio. For PRESENTATION CASES with rings, and removable sleeves, we recommend the 17" x 14" size. For PORTFOLIO CASES that have a handle, a zipper, inside straps, and a pocket, we recommend the 23 x 31 (3"Gusset) size. For a CUTTING MAT, we recommend the largest size your studio can accommodate.

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  Product Name Requested Current Price Qty
Daylight Halo Magnifying Table Lamp #V25546 1 $83.99
Acurit Large Light Tablet + Creativo Bag #87666A 1 $256.05
Acurit Medium Light Tablet  plus Creativo Bag #87665A 1 $189.55
Subtotal $529.59

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