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Oil Paints

Soho Urban Artist: Oil Paints

Oil paint(oil-based paint)is highly regarded in the artist community and one of the most versatile forms of painting. Oil paint gives a "richness" and depth of color that is unsurpassed by any other medium. Many artists prefer to only use only oils.
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Tusc & Pine Artist Oil Paints

Oil Painting

Here at Jerry's, we are proud to offer one of the widest selections of beginner, artist & professional top quality oil paints on sale. Oil paints are known for being durable and holding their color for a long time and are slow to dry, which allows and artist to rework the paint to achieve the desired effect.

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Why do artists like oil paint?

Many artists today consider oil painting to be the fundamental art medium. Oil paint (oil-based paint) is highly regarded in the artist community and one of the most versatile forms of painting and gives a "richness" and depth of color that is unsurpassed by any other medium. Many professionals and artists will only use oils. Choose better quality at a better value of professional oil paints for even better results!
Worthy To Note: More paintings are sold painted using oils.
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Oil painting tips

Remember, you can't use soap and water to clean oil paint out of your brushes. It is best to soak them in some type of paint thinner, alcohol or special brush soap and use artist quality brush washers & cleaners.

Oil painters will use often solvents for various purposes and techniques such as: Thinning Oil Paint: making them more spreadable and easier to work with (For the The Best Purified Odor-Free Artist Solvent For Thinning Oils We Recommend - StudioSolv™ Artist Odorless Oil Thinner). Removing Mistakes: Solvents can be used to remove mistakes or unwanted oil paint from a canvas without damaging the underlying layers. Mixing Mediums: Artists often use mixing mediums with oils, facilitating blending and creating various textures and effects. Speeding Drying Time: Certain solvents, like alkyd mediums, can accelerate the drying time of oils, allowing for faster layering and completion of the artwork.

Want Less Cracking in Your Oil Painting? Fat Over Lean for oil painting - Fat over Lean refers to the oil painting principle that applying paint with a higher ratio of oil to color pigments OVER paint with a lower ratio of oil to color pigments can ensure a more flexible paint film that will not crack later on down the road when the paint dries and ages.

Saving is easy with Jerry’s

Jerry's Artarama has a wide variety of the best selling oil paints on sale. We recommend to always use better oils when painting for the best outcome. We have several lines of exclusive, high quality oil colors, including Charvin Oils, LUKAS Oils , Soho Urban Artist Oil Paints and many more artist preferred for your artwork. Find all the art supplies you need at Jerry’s, trusted for over 55 years!