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Acrylic paint is one of the most popular paints for artists and those looking to get started in acrylic painting, crafting, pouring, fluid and more. Find only the best beginner, artist and professional acrylics and sets on sale at Jerry's.
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Lukas Cryl Pastos Acrylics

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is one of the most popular paints for professionals, artists, and those looking to get started in painting, art classes, crafting, pouring, fluid, ceramics and more. Acrylic paints are much like any other paint in that it is made from a simple combination of ground pigment and a binder. They are water-based and easier to wash out of brushes and most art materials. Shop and save on high quality acrylics for artists and professionals at Jerry’s Artarama. Acrylic paint consists of pigment mixed in a polymer emulsion. When this emulsion dries it creates an bendable layer leading to a finish that's resistant to water. We offer paint that is more versatile, permanent and lightfast in a wide range of opacities for acrylic painters.

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Acrylic Painting Tips

Acrylic paint dries very quickly when applied in thin coats, and work well on materials such as posters and signs. As compared to oil paint they allow the use of other media on top of the dried surface and can be used in high gloss or matte finishes.
To slow the drying time, use an extender which is an acrylic medium that slows drying time while increasing the "open time" of artist paints. This allows you to blend colors and edges with ease. Jerry's Artarama carries a large selection of artist acrylic paints from leading brands such as SoHo Acrylics, GOLDEN Acrylics, Liquitex Acrylics, Amsterdam Acrylics, Old Holland, Sennelier, Van Gogh, Winsor & Newton and more on sale.

It is always highly recommended to use better brushes for your art and paintings. Better acrylic painting brushes are very important in your final outcome to insure a better experience and achieve a better desired result.

Is Acrylic Paint Waterproof?

Acrylic paint is not waterproof, but it may be somewhat water-resistant when it dries and can withstand some exposure to water without immediately smudging or dissolving. It can still be affected by prolonged contact with moisture so to make your paintings waterproof, you must apply a sealant: You can apply a art varnish or sealant over the dried paint to create a protective layer on the surface, making the painting more resistant to water damage, UV light, and other environmental factors.

What Do You Use to Seal Acrylic Paint?

To seal acrylic paint, you can use a varnish or enamel spray. There are multiple options to choose from depending on the type of finish you want. Select from varnishes made of polymer or resin, choose to brush or spray your varnish on, and decide whether you prefer a satin, gloss, or matte finish.

Your Trusted Source at Jerry’s Artarama

Are you looking for better artist acrylic paints on sale? Shop Jerry’s Artarama for the the best values and top of the line materials. We carry an extensive selection of paints, including acrylic mediums, oil paints, and gouache paint. Our experts and trusted team packs every order with care and consideration to ensure your order arrives quickly and accurately.