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First Place Winner
by Oscar Peterson of Millburn, NJ

SoHo Oil Colors on canvas

"I like that SoHo paints are inexpensive, yet perform better than 'student grade' paints. They work well straight from the tube or mixed in glazes. The fact that SoHo paints are inexpensive gives me the courage to experiment with different colors/techniques without worrying about wasting money and paint. What freedom!!

Second Place Winner
"Bird Watching"
by Tonja Sell of Brule, Wisconsin

SoHo Oil Colors on canvas

"I purchased SoHo Products through one of Jerry's frequent (and appreciated) promotional sales. I hadn't used them before so I was excited to try something new. I was thrilled to discover a new favorite! The color range, intensity and value have been a great find. I enjoy working large and am always trying new things, the inexpensive price of these paints allow me to explore and develop my work without breaking the bank. SoHo products are now a part of my main-stay supplies. I look forward to more experimentation with SoHo Products and Jerry's Artarama!"

Third Place Winner
"Flowers and Apples"
by Maria Nash of Rockaway, NJ

SoHo Oil Colors on canvas

"SoHo Urban Oil colors are the best in ratio of quality and price. First I used Soho Urban oils on just my studies but I then tried mixing with other oils and applied it on my artwork. The colors are consistent and you know what to expect. No bad surprises."

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