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Stretched Cotton Canvas

Shop the finest quality of cotton stretched canvas in many styles and convenient sizes. Our expert team of artists curate and develop cotton canvas in pre-stretched sizes and packs made to be a a versatile and reliable surface for artists to trust their artwork on
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Cotton Canvas

At Jerry's we specialize in fine art materials for artists. Choose from our expertly crafted and curated selection of only the highest quality cotton stretched canvas. We offer from beginner to professional stretched cotton canvas options at substantial savings and better quality that you can trust for your work.

The most common choice of fabrics for canvas are cotton or linen. Cotton canvas is more versatile, softer, more flexible, and generally more affordable and is made from woven cotton fabric, which is softer and more flexible compared to linen.

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Browse our highly shopped and purchased selection of cotton canvas styles for amazing results! You get what you pay for so buy better supplies from the specialists at Jerry's!