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Everything Frames Super Sale
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New York Central: Sword Liner & Dagger Striper Brushes

Create an array of effects including long lines and beautiful foliage and expressive loose styles. Sword Liners & Dagger Striper Brushes are perfect for all types of media including Watercolor & fluid acrylic. Great for Creating long continuous strokes, Outlining and sign painting, Delicate hand lettering, Fine details, Grass and Foliage, Pin-striping, Precise Linear Strokes.
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Jerry's top selection of sword liner & dagger striper brushes perfect for all types of media. Sword liners have a long flat bristle, sharp point and a full body that acts as a reservoir for holding color. The elongated bristles made it an ideal tool for creating long flowing lines that varied from thin to thick. Dagger Stripers have sword-shaped bristles that are ideal for pinstriping, hand lettering, and ornamental designs. Dagger stripers are ideal for painting long grasses, flower stems, beautiful foliage, leaf effects and ripples on water. Suitable for watercolor, acrylics and oils.