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Fredrix Artist Canvas

Fredrix was founded in NYC in 1868 by our founder E. H. Friedrichs. 152 years later, Fredrix canvas is still known for making quality canvas. We know exactly what goes into our products. Fredrix uses premium titanium and other ingredients to ensure you have the best possible painting experience and they strive to ensure every artist has the best quality canvas.
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Fredrix Canvas

USA Made Artist Canvas! Dedicated to supporting artists and their craft. (Fredrix is nto part of Macphersons

In 1868 in New York City our founder E. H. Friedrichs set out to create top notch artist canvas that met the standards of master craftsmen. Over the span of 152 years Fredrix canvas has become synonymous, with quality. Upholding the traditional manufacturing methods.

The dedication to excellence is evident in the work of our team and partners who're committed to producing top tier canvases that elevate the creative process and brings satisfaction to artists and collectors alike.

We commemorate the history, honor our heritage and thank you for trusting FREDRIX canvas. We strive to ensure every artist has the best quality canvas.

Facts about Fredirx Canvas: We source our stretcher bar wood from managed sustainable forests in the North Western U.S. We collect and recycle all cardboard and paper materials in our facilities. Fredrix donates to artists, artists organizations, charities and schools around the U.S