Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is a leading manufacturer of superior-quality lines of watercolor paints, sticks & grounds, acrylic paints & gesso, oil & water-soluble oil paints. In 1976, scraping enough money together to purchase on old 3-roll mill, Dan began manufacturing a specialized printmaking ink with the lightfastness and working characteristics artists desired. Over the years, as Dan's partnership with artists grew, so grew the business. Today, Daniel Smith Artists' Materials is a leading designer and manufacturer of beautiful Artist Quality Watercolors and Oils. We have consistently been innovators, offering ever-expanding possibilities, from the Quinacridone and Luminescent colors we first brought to artists, to our versatile Watercolor Ground and our truly artist-quality Water Soluble Oil Colors. To continue to innovate after all these years is a testament to the power of our people, their creative force, and the passion of the artists who choose our products.