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NEW: Rue Wall Easels

Adjustable Wall Easels for painting, display and photo
Key Features:
  • Mahogany finished, furniture-grade hardwood
  • All brass hardware
  • Adjusts up to a 70 degree angle when mounted on a wall
  • Includes a large top canvas holder with an extra panel groove
  • Extra room to attach an easel lamp
  • Choose from 3 different sizes; 24", 32" or 48" wide!
  • The 24" Rue Easel holds canvases up to 34" tall and weighs only 19lbs!
  • The 32" Rue Easel holds canvases up to 40" tall and weighs only 26lbs
  • The 48" Rue Easel holds canvases up to 5 feet tall and weighs 38lbs
Rue Wall Easels
Perfect For:
  • Buy two easels for larger widths
  • Purchase larger brass poles locally for making even larger length canvases
  • Artists of all skill levels
  • Saving space in a small studio, dorm, gallery, at home or the office
  • Quick and convenient easel set up each time you want to paint!
  • Creating artwork
  • Displaying artwork
  • Students, artists, and teachers
  • Easy assembly
  • Quick wall mounting
  • Artists wanting an easel that is built to last!
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