Everything Acrylics Super Sale
Everything Acrylics Super Sale
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paints & mediums

Oil Paint & Mediums

save up to 55% off list
LUKAS Berlin PROArtists Water Mixable Oil Colors
LUKAS Berlin PRO Artists Water Mixable Oil Colors
the perfect paints to work with for the environmentally conscious painter - safer to use than traditional oil colors, with professional results
list price starts at: $12.35holiday sale starts at$5.75
LUKAS 1862 Professional Artist Oil Colors
LUKAS Studio Artist Oil Color Paints
save 63% off list
12 Shades of Grey Oil ColorsSet of 12 - 21ml tubes
12 Shades of Grey Oil Colors Set of 12 - 21ml Tubes
Highly pigmented from the finest materials and processed on triple mills, these oil paints will enable you to achieve sultry effects like you've never seen before
Item# 89279 | list price: $37.60doorbuster$13.99
save 44% off list
StudioSolv™Odorless Mineral Spirits - 1liter bottle
StudioSolv™ Artist Odorless Mineral Spirits - 1liter bottle
a purified, odor-free oil-thinning medium designed to thin oils and mediums while maintaining the integrity of your color
Item# V39517 | list price: $24.95doorbuster$13.99

Acrylic Paint & Mediums

Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paint 1.8 Liter Jugs
save 76% off list
Creative InspirationsAcrylic Paint Set of 12 - 16oz bottles
Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paint Value Box Set of 12 - 16oz Bottles
bright, vibrant and very pigmented Medium to heavy body Acrylic Paint Value Box Bottle Set of 12 cleans up quick and easy with soap and water
Item# 89376 | list price: $204.99doorbuster$49.99
save 60% off list
Charvin Extra-FineArtists Bonjour Acrylic Sets
Charvin Extra-Fine Artists Acrylic Sets
The true colors of nature - sets of superior artists' acrylics ideal for landscape and realist painting
list price: $151.00doorbuster$59.99
save 63% off list
12 Shades of GreyAcrylic Paint Set of 12 - 21ml Tubes
12 Shades of Grey Acrylic Paint Set of 12 - 21ml Tubes
Highly pigmented acrylic paint from the finest materials and processed on triple mills, 12 Shades of Grey provide unique shades of hard-to-find greys
Item# 89280 | list price: $37.60 doorbuster$13.99
save 80% off list
Creative InspirationsAcrylic Box Set of 30 - 120ml Tubes
Creative Inspirations Acrylic Box Value Set of 30 - 120ml Tubes
includes different brilliant colors with great coverage, that are smooth, creamy, and free-flowing making it the ideal choice for educators & budget conscience artists
Item# 89976 | list price: $199.95doorbuster$39.99
save 67% off list
Marie’s Extra-FineAcrylic Set of 18
Marie’s Extra-Fine Acrylic 12ml Set Of 18 Colors
extra-fine quality permanent and lightfast acrylics in attractive cardboard box suitable for gift-giving
Item# 56837 | list price: $21.30doorbuster$6.99
save 69%off list
SoHo Urban ArtistHeavy Body Acrylic Set of 48 - 12ml tubes
SoHo Urban Artist Heavy Body Acrylics Value Set of 48 - 12ml tubes
these Acrylics provide excellent coverage, peak to maintain brush strokes and are saturated with more pigment to provide a wide range of tints
Item# 90469 | list price: $64.95 doorbuster$19.99

Watercolor Paints

save 72% off list
Marie’sHalf-Pan Watercolor Set Of 48
Marie’s Professional Half Pan Watercolor Set
vibrant half pan set of 48 colors are transparent and can be mixed with great ease
Item# V29257 | list price: $162.95 doorbuster$44.99
save 75% off list
LUKAS Aquarell 1862Watercolor Whole Pan Set of 48
LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Watercolor Whole Pan Wood Box Set of 48
Finest classical and modern artists' pigments in a convienient box set that is ideal for holiday gift giving
Item# V34330 | list price: $628.95 doorbuster$156.99
Turner Professional Artists' Watercolor Set of 18 - 5ml tubes
save 75% off list
Marie’s Masters QualityWatercolor Set of 24 - 9ml tubes
Master Quality Watercolor Set of 24 - 9ml tubes
Highly concentrated color made with the finest pigments balanced by a quality binder. Intensely pigmented and lightfast the paint performs flawlessly on paper
Item# V36387 | list price: $180.00 doorbuster$44.99
save 69% off list
Marie’s WatercolorSet of 18 - 12ml tubes
Marie’s Watercolor Set of 18 - 12ml tubes
Watercolors made with High pigment concentration, All colors are lightfast & Conforms to ASTM D-4236 standards
Item# 53895 | list price: $22.60doorbuster$6.99
save 45% off list
Sennelier La Petite AquarelleHalf pan Watercolor Set of 24
Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Watercolor Half Pan Travel Set of 24
student grade set features paint that is less pigmented than the higher quality Sennelier Artists Watercolor but gives you efficiency with its practical features
Item# V24915 | list price: $70.95holiday sale$39.02

Acrylic Gouache

LUKAS Studio Artists Gouache Starter Set of 12 - 20ml Tubes
save 65% off list
Marie’s GouacheArtist Paint Set of 36 - 12ml Tubes
Marie’s Gouache Artist Paint Set of 36 - 12ml Tubes
High pigment concentration yields rich and brilliant results
Item# V35611 | list price: $42.50 doorbuster$14.99
save 84% off list
Turner Acryl GouacheSet of 36 Acrylics - 20ml tubes
Turner Acryl Gouache Paint Set of 36 Acrylics - 20ml tubes
adheres to wood, acrylic sheeting, stone, cloth, clay, metal, slate, glass, aluminum, iron, vinyl, Styrofoam, stretched canvas, and papers
Item# 73700 | list price: $448.65 doorbuster$72.99
save up to 76% off list
Turner Acryl Gouache20ml, 40ml, 100ml Tubes & 250ml Pouches
Turner Acryl Gouache Artist Acrylics
Turner Acryl Gouache is fully pigmented and totally free of heavy metals. Most colors are lightfast with the exception of their decorative and fluorescent ranges
list price starts at: $13.95doorbuster starts at$3.59
save up to 84% off list
Turner PRO Design Gouache25ml Tubes & 40ml Jars
Turner PRO Design Gouache
considered as one of the world's premier opaque watercolors & Used by textile and graphic designers for over 50 years
list price starts at: $16.75doorbuster starts at$4.50
save 84% off list
Turner Pro Design GouacheSet of 12 - 25ml tubes
Turner Design Gouache Set of 12 - 25ml tubes
Adaptable for use with all of your favorite watercolors
Item# 73476 | list price: $183.00doorbuster$28.99
save 83% off list
Turner Pro Design GouacheSet of 18 - 25ml tubes
Turner Design Gouache Set of 18 - 25ml tubes
Colors dry to a velvety finish showing no brush marks. Achieve smoother and thinner layers by using a dry brush technique.
Item# 73477 | list price: $265.90doorbuster$43.99

acrylic & oil brushes

save 86% off list
Staccato Long HandleSynthetic Brushes Set of 10
Staccato Long Handle Synthetic Artist Brushes, Value Set of 10
ideal for Multimedia work, Heavy body acrylics and thin ink glazes and Controlling even the thinnest of fluids
Item# 89781 | list price: $183.75doorbuster$24.99
save 82% off list
Black SwanSynthetic Red Sable Complete Set of 15
Black Swan Synthetic Red Sable Long Handle Complete Set of 15
Excellent for Acrylics, heavy body media, traditional, and water mixable oils
Item# 87710B | list price: $167.95doorbuster$29.99
Hamburg Premier PRO Handmade Brushes - Studio Set of 21 w/Rockwell Brush Case
Mimik Kolinsky Short-Handle Mixed Brush Set of 12
save 87% off list
Pro-StrokeValue Set Of 15
Pro-Stroke Value Set Of 15 Long Handle Bristle Brushes
The Finest Quality Pure White Chungking Hog Bristle Hair
Item# 89785 | list price: $209.95 doorbuster$27.99
save up to 76% off list
BerlinSynthetic Long Handle Acrylic Brushes
Berlin Synthetic Long Handle Acrylic Brushes
Berlin brushes use a blend of four different filament diameter sizes between .1mm to .28mm for Ultimate precision that outperforms natural hair
list price starts at: $24.50doorbuster starts at$6.20
save up to 73% off list
Mimik Kolinsky SyntheticLong Handle Brushes
Mimik Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Short Handle Brushes
state of the art synthetic fiber performs just like the very finest Kolinsky while still being animal friendly
list price starts at: $19.75doorbuster starts at$5.50
save 87% off list
Pro-Stroke Powercryl Short Handle Set of 12
Pro-Stroke Powercryl Short Handle Brush Set of 12
Flawless Performance in the Size You Need from fluid to extra-heavy bodied acrylics
Item# 90380 | list price: $388.45 doorbuster$49.99
save 70% off list
New York CentralColossus Varnish Brushes
New York Central Colossus Varnish Brushes
Perfect For Varnishing Oil and acrylic paint of any viscosity & laying down large areas of color
list price starts at: $136.95 doorbuster starts at$41.09

watercolor & decorative brushes

save 81% off list
Rhapsody Kolinsky SableBrush Watercolor Set of 5
Creative Mark Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Watercolor Brush Deluxe Gift Set of 5
A collection of prized Rhapsody Kolinsky Watercolor Brushes in a lovely black and blue-violet hard case. Features a crushed grey velour interior and a magnetic clasp
Item# 76521 | list price: $629.95doorbuster$119.99
save 83% off list
Mimik High PerformanceSynthetic Squirrel Brush, Value Set of 8
Mimik High Performance Synthetic Squirrel Brush, Value Set of 8
Excellent for professional watercolor painters and Artists wanting the best experience
Item# 87257 | list price: $157.45doorbuster$26.99
Micro Mini Detail Brush Deluxe Set of 30 Vegan Leather Case
Mimik Hog Professional Synthetic Bristle Brush, Deluxe Set of 20 w/ Leatherette Case
save 80% off list
FX EffectTaklon Brush - Set of 10
Creative Mark FX Effects Taklon Brush, Set of 10
Taklon Brush Set of 10 Ideal for painting special effects with watercolors, inks and thinned acrylics or oil
Item# 79361 | list price: $183.75 doorbuster$36.99
save 80% off list
Danube Watercolor Quill BrushSet of 3 and Bamboo Roll Up
Danube Professional Watercolor Quill Brushes
Kazan squirrel's tail & synthetic blend Handmade in Germany for Superior control. Ideal for heavy washes plus tiny detail work
Item# 88861A | list price: $372.75 doorbuster$74.99
save up to 83% off list
Mimik Kolinsky SyntheticShort Handle Brushes
Mimik Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Short Handle Brushes
The perfect imitation of natural Kolinsky hair, this state of the art synthetic fiber performs just like the best Kolinsky while still being animal friendly
list price starts at: $16.85doorbuster starts at$3.90
save up to 82% off list
RhapsodyKolinsky Sable Artist Brushes
Creative Mark Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brushes
Rhapsody holds a flawless, split-proof point that holds large amounts of color
list price starts at: $31.45 doorbuster starts at$8.39
Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable Short Handle Brush Set

all palette & Painting Knives

save 69% off list
FX Special EffectsPalette Knives
FX Special Effects Palette Knives
Perfect For creating texture with Oils, Acrylics and Mixed Media
Item# 87004 | list price: $83.95 doorbuster$25.99
save 70% off list
Painters EdgePalette Knives Case Set of 8
Painters Edge Studio Palette Knives Case Set of 8
Made from polished stainless steel, tempered to provide just the right amount of give for the perfect painting response
Item# 89505 | list price: $79.95 doorbuster$23.99
FX Special Effects Palette Knives by Creative Mark

brush washers & cleaners

SoHo Artist Disposable Studio Wipes
save 49% off list
Petite Air TightBrush Washer
Petite Air Tight Brush Washer
Air tight for holding water or solvent and a Perforated screen separates the sludge and works well for wiping brushes.
Item# 79476 | list price: $45.55holiday sale$23.10
save 62% off list
Da Vinci Air Tight500ml Stainless Steel Brush Washer
Da Vinci Air-Tight Stainless Steel 500ml Brush Washer
a specially outfitted gasket on the lid is solvent resistant to keep an airtight seal no matter what cleaning agent you use
Item# 86121 | list price: $79.95doorbuster$29.99
Drawing & Illustration

Colored Pencil Pencils

save 60%off list
Bruynzeel Color PencilThe Milkmaid Tin Set of 24
Bruynzeel 24ct Color Pencil The Milkmaid Tin Set
These graphite, and colored pencil sets contain colors and grades that were carefully chosen to evoke the work of the Dutch Masters
Item# V25495 | list price: $27.50doorbuster$10.99
save 40% off list
Cretacolor Artist StudioSet of 24 Colored Pencils
Cretacolor Artist Studio Set of 24 Colored Pencils
Buy $50 or more of Cretacolor Sets and receive a Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media 120lb Spiral 9x12 Pad FREE*! a $16.90 value
Item# V20458 | list price: $19.99 doorbuster$11.99
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Sets


save 63% off list
Charvin Water-SolublePastel Painting Sticks Set of 48"
Charvin Water-Soluble Pastel Painting Sticks Set of 48
Master quality, concentrated, high lightfastness pigments that are Semi-hard pastels for use both wet or dry
Item# 87231 | list price: $32.00doorbuster$11.99
save 66%off list
SoHo Urban ArtistSoft Pastel Sketch Squares Set of 48
SoHo Urban Artist Soft Pastel Sketch Squares Set of 48
Richly pigmented SoHo Pastel Sketching Squares are perfect For Sketching and gesture drawing Students, amateurs, and teachers
doorbuster price$15.99Item# 87021 | list price: $46.75
save 82% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistJumbo Street Pastels Set of 20
Soho Jumbo Street Pastels Set of 20
brilliant, rich pigments formulated for maximum durability for use on rugged street terrain
Item# 88482 | list price: $131.60 doorbuster$23.77
save 73% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistSoft Pastel Half Stick Set of 90
SoHo Urban Artist Soft Pastel Half Stick Set of 90
Soft Pastel Half Sticks that are perfect for layering and blending, whether in the studio or en plein air
Item# 87019 | list price: $157.10doorbuster$42.99

Recommended Essential Supplies for Drawing

Perspective Tools
Perspective Tools · Getting proportions and perspective correct
· Perfect for Students, classes, workshops
Ink & Ink Sets
Ink & Ink Sets · Ideal for water effects, color blocking and under painting
· Textile creations and materials research
Canvas, Paper & Surfaces

Stretched Canvas

Professional Cotton Stretched Canvas Box of 3 24" x 36"
save 79% off list
The Edge All Media Box of 3Pro Cotton Canvas 16"x20" - 11/16" Deep
The Edge All Media Pro Cotton Canvas, 16"x20" - 11/16" Deep Box of 6
World famous canvas that gives you the cleanest sides for painting onto for frameless displaying
Item# 57233A | list price: $197.10 doorbuster$41.61
save 75% off list
The Edge All Media Box of 3Stretched Canvas 24"x36" - 1-1/2" Deep
The Edge All Media Pro Cotton Canvas 24"x36" - 1-1/2" Deep Box of 3
Triple priming ensures an excellent barrier protection between paint and canvas, making it suitable for traditional and water mixable oils and alkyds to be used with excellent results
Item# 59354A | list price: $403.85 doorbuster$99.58

Panels & Boards

save 46% off list
Raphael Premium Archival Oil Primed Linen Panel 16"x20"
Raphael Premium Archival Oil Primed Linen Panel 16x20"
expertly mounted on non-direction multi-ply board made with poplar wood
Item# 73229 | list price: $124.70 holiday sale$67.65
save 74% off list
Centurion All-MediaLinen Panels 11"x14" - Pack of 3
Centurion All-Media Primed Linen Panels 11"x14" Pack of 3
Acid-free and archival, the primed medium-textured linen is cleanly wrapped and adhered to a solid 3mm MDF wood board
Item# 86398 | list price: $39.00doorbuster$10.03
Centurion Deluxe Oil Primed Linen 9"x12" Panel - 6 Pack

Canvas, Rolls & Blankets

save 60% off list
Centurion LXAcrylic Primed 84" x 6 yard roll
Acrylic Primed Linen Roll 84" x 6 yd
double primed acid-free linen canvas is suitable for oils, acrylics, alkyds and caseins
doorbuster price$278.24Item# 75372 | list price: $691.25
save 67% off list
Centurion Deluxe Oil PrimedLinen 54" x 6 Yard Roll
Centurion Deluxe Oil Primed Linen 54" x 6 Yard Roll
this Linen canvas accepts even the thinnest oil color lay down without fragmenting on the surface
Item# 85870 | list price: $598.15 doorbuster$194.91
save 69% off list
ClaessensUnprimed Linen 84" x 6 yard Roll - Medium
Claessens Unprimed Linen 84" x 6 yd Roll - Medium
ideal for Artists who custom prime and stretch or for Using acrylics, oils, alkyds, mixed media
doorbuster price$299.99Item# 55086 | list price: $974.55
save 69% off list
ClaessensUnprimed Linen 82" x 6 yard Roll - Rough
Claessens Unprimed Linen 82" x 6 yd Roll  Rough
ideal for Landscapes, murals, large scale works
doorbuster price$319.99Item# V18420 | list price: $1,032.05
save 65% off list
ClaessensOil Primed 54" x 3 yard Roll - Fine
Claessens Oil Primed 54" x 3 yd Roll - Fine
Oil Primed Linen Rolls that Feature Meticulous Craftsmanship for Techniques needing a smooth surface
doorbuster price$263.99Item# 50743 | list price: $757.05
save 75% off list
ClaessensGlue Sized Linen 82" x 6 yard roll - extra fine
Claessens Glue Sized Linen 82"x6 yard roll - extra fine
Professional quality glue sized linen perfect for Highly detailed oil paintings or Custom priming and stretching your own canvas
doorbuster price$471.10Item# V37060 | list price: $1,918.55
save 72% off list
ClaessensUniversal Primed Canvas 82" x 6 yard roll
Claessens Universal Primed Canvas 82"x6 yard roll
Perfect For Using acrylics, oils, alkyds, mixed media in painting Portraits, landscapes, and more
doorbuster price$153.99Item# V37064 | list price: $556.40

Recommended Essential Supplies for Canvas

Stretching Supplies
Stretching Supplies· Pliers, tacks, Clips and more SHOP NOW
Stretcher Bars & Braces
Stretcher Bars & Braces· Perfect For Stretching canvas at home SHOP NOW

Watercolor Surfaces

Artfinity Synthesis Multimedia Watercolor Paper Pad
save up to 74% off list
New York Central100% Cotton Watercolor Paper Packs
New York Central 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper Packs
Perfect For Wet and dry media Watercolor, gouache, ink, and fluid acrylic
list price starts at: $11.99 doorbuster starts at$3.49
save 45%off list
Arches Watercolor Paper Pad140 lb Cold Press - 9"x12"
Arches Watercolor Paper Pad 140 lb Cold Press - 9"x12" 12 Sheets
ideal for watercolor, gouache, ink, acrylics, drawing, and printmaking, and strong enough to handle multiple washes of color, masking fluid, scrubbing
Item# 55087 | list price: $32.05holiday sale$17.63

Drawing & Sketch Paper & Pads

save 50% off list
Creative MarkArtist Survival Book
Artist Survival Book
Bonded leather cover, double-spiral bound sheets are perforated for easy removal
Item# 87300 | list price: $39.95doorbuster$19.99
save 69% off list
SoHo Urban Artist100 lb Bristol Paper Pad 9x12"
SoHo Urban Artist 100 lb Bristol Paper Pad 9x12" 20-Sheets
smooth 100 lb. acid-free paper is perfect for graphite, colored pencil, charcoal, inks, marker, mixed media, and collage
Item# 90523 | list price: $15.95 doorbuster$4.99
save 42% off list
Sennelier La Carte Pastel PaperPack of 10 - 23x31" - Sienna
Sennelier La Carte Pastel Paper 23x31"
200 lb. stiff weight similar to Bristol but cannot be easily folded, creased or punctured, unlike other pastel papers
doorbuster price$199.99Item# 47751A | list price: $345.00
save 57% off list
Strathmore Blank Creative CardsPack of 100 - 5.25x7.25"
Blank Cards & Envelopes Pack of 100 - 5.25x7.25
the perfect way to personalize your correspondence. Ideal for colored pencils, rubber stamps, die cuts, collage and more
doorbuster price$32.99Item# 76245 | list price: $76.55

Recommended Essential Supplies for Paper

Pencil Sharpeners
Pencil Sharpeners · Perfect for Getting the longest, sharpest pencil points SHOP NOW
Erasers· Great for erasing, highlights & detail SHOP NOW

studio easels

save 63% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistH-Frame Studio Easel
SoHo Urban Artist H-Frame Studio Easel
A ratchet system easily raises and lowers the bottom canvas support and supply tray, and the easel tilts forward and backwards
Item# 87223 | list price: $350.00doorbuster$129.99
save 71% off list
Carolina H-Frame Studio Easel
Carolina H-Frame Studio Easel
You can adjust this handcrafted, H-frame easel from its minimum height of 60" up to its maximum height of 102"
Item# 59806 | list price: $484.65 doorbuster$139.99
Saint Remy Multi-Angle Wood Studio Easel
Savannah Studio Easel
save 68% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistAluminum Studio Easel
SoHo Urban Artist Aluminum Studio Easel
highly functional, lightweight, and very stable. No tools are needed for set up. The easel can accommodate canvases up to 48" high and weighs only 7.5 pounds.
doorbuster price$64.99Item# 86015 | list price: $200.50
save 70%off list
Da Vinci MultimediaMulti-Angle Convertible Easel
Da Vinci Multimedia Multi-Angle Convertible Easel
adjusts from totally vertical to completely flat and anywhere in between - making it perfect for sketching, drawing and painting in any media
doorbuster price$123.49Item# 61793 | list price: $417.55
save 75% off list
Cappelletto AngelicaPremium H-Frame Easel
Cappelletto Angelica Premium H-Frame Easel
a top of line professional quality easel Made from seasoned oiled Beechwood for strength and durable and imported from Italy
doorbuster price$119.99Item# V13321 | list price: $471.10
save 76% off list
Cappelletto BettinaPremium Studio Easel
Cappelletto Bettina Premium Studio Easel
made from seasoned oiled Beechwood, this robust 31lb. big studio easel can adjust sizes and heights to take canvases as large as 100" high
doorbuster price$249.99Item# V13322 | list price: $1,046.80
Cappelletto Melina Multi Media Premium Easel
SoHo Urban Artist A-Frame Mahogany Studio Easel
save 73% off list
Creative Mark MirageAll Media Adjustable Studio Easel
Creative Mark Mirage All Media Adjustable Studio Easel
easily take it outdoors by pushing its mast and allowing its oversized wheels to carry it virtually anywhere you want
doorbuster price$170.99Item# 62304 | list price: $626.25

Display & Presentation Easels

save 58% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistWood Table and Desk Easel
SoHo Urban Artist Wood Table and Desk Easel
beautiful wood table and desk easel allows you to draw, paint, or read hands-free anywhere
doorbuster price$23.99Item# 89518 | list price: $57.45
save 74% off list
the RamblerArt And Display Wood Table Easel
Art And Display Wood Table Easel - Rambler Folding Beechwood Easel
Ideal for painting as well as display, this compact easel is made of natural beechwood and brass plated hardware
doorbuster price$11.39Item# 89793 | list price: $43.10
save 70% off list
Creative MarkTrio Table Easel
Creative Mark Trio Table Easel
one of the few table easels that provides a table like workspace ideal for supporting virtually anything
doorbuster price$23.99Item# 65889 | list price: $80.55
save 68% off list
Van Gogh Table EaselOiled Beechwood
Van Gogh Table & Display Easel Oiled Beechwood
Lightweight and Simple To Set Up! Well built, attractive, sturdy & lots of adjustable features! Weighs only 3 lbs.
doorbuster price$28.49Item# 59315 | list price: $89.55
SoHo Deluxe Sketch Box And Table Easel
save 75% off list
Soho Urban ArtistLightweight Table Top Studio Easel
Soho Urban Artist Lightweight Table Top Studio Easel
This black anodized aluminum easel folds down to a mere 16" x 4" x 1-3/4" and comes with a handy carrying case.
Item# 79480 | list price: $40.10doorbuster$9.99
save 70% off list
Tao BambooTable Easel and Drawing Stand
Creative Mark Tao Bamboo Table Easel and Drawing Stand
folds down completely flat and may be easily put away in most drawers or put into any type of travel gear from shoulder bag and to back pac
Item# 88683 | list price: $39.70doorbuster$11.99

Travel, Outdoor & Plein Air easels

save 61% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistLightweight Mahogany French Easel
SoHo Urban Artist Lightweight Mahogany French Easel
A Full Size French Easel That Weighs Less Than 9lbs, that's 30% lighter than other French Easels
Item# 89098 | list price: $245.00 doorbuster$94.99
save 67% off list
SoHo Urban ArtistPlein Air Pochade Box Easel
SoHo Plein Air Pochade Box Easel
Adjusts to an infinite range of angles for painting in oils, watercolors, or pastels. constructed out of deeply stained & lacquered wood
Item# 89519 | list price: $286.95doorbuster$94.99
Safari Deluxe French Easel Walnut Stain
save 79% off list
MonetFrench Easel
Monet French Easel
a faithful replica of French style easels that is Easy to Set Up and Very Sturdy to Work in Any Outdoor Environment
doorbuster price$94.99Item# 57067 | list price: $449.55
save 82% off list
Grand LuxeFrench Easel - Half Box
Grand Luxe French Easel Half Box
Sturdy and compact, the ideal french easel for Home, studio, and field
doorbuster price$89.99Item# 86044 | list price: $488.50
save 81% off list
Grand LuxeFrench Easel - Full Box
Grand Luxe French Easel - Full Box
Sturdy and compact, the ideal french easel for Home, studio, and field!
doorbuster price$99.99Item# 66714 | list price: $537.45
save 79% off list
MillbrookAll Media Wood Field Easel
Millbrook All Media Wood Field Easel
Perfect Lightweight Easel For Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor Painting
doorbuster price$28.49Item# 89794 | list price: $137.35

Recommended Essential Supplies for Easels

Easel Accessories
Easel Accessories· Umbrellas, leg spikes, carriers, and more SHOP NOW
Lighting· Table, clip on and floor lamps essential for any studio SHOP NOW
Studio Furniture
save 68% off list
MatisseFrench Painter's Taboret
Matisse French Painter's Taboret
Matisse French Painter's Taboret combines full function, exceptional craftsmanship, and unrivaled value
doorbuster price$339.99Item# 68698 | list price: $1,075.95
save 51% off list
Creative Mark - Walnut StainFolding Wood Print
Folding Wood Print Rack by Creative Mark
a sturdily built functional storage rack that is handsome enough for art fairs and retail environments as well as the home and studio
doorbuster price$61.99Item# 79145 | list price: $125.90
save 70% off list
The Original Space RoverCanvas and Frame Cart
The Original Space Rover Canvas and Frame Cart
perfect for storing and organizing canvases, panels, matted or mounted artwork, framed and unframed art, boards, pads, and large portfolio cases
doorbuster price$279.99Item# 74756 | list price: $944.95
save 66% off list
Rue Panel Ladder& Storage Rack
Rue Panel Ladder & Storage Rack
ideal for holding wet painting panels; works in progress, panels that were just gessoed and panels that were recently varnished
doorbuster price$47.99Item# 89097 | list price: $139.95
Folding Canvas Print Rack Medium
save 69% off list
FirenzeLarge Wood Print Racks
Firenze Large Wood Print Racks
Premium high quality, made of sanded and sealed beechwood, rolls smoothly with a non-slip rubber bed
Item# 89980 | list price: $254.45 doorbuster$79.99
save 72% off list
Todd ReifersSignature Artist Workstation
Todd Reifers Signature Artist Workstation
Pocket door closes over palette area to conceal paint fumes while Plenty of storage so your art supplies are always organized
Item# 71096 | list price: $1,917.50 doorbuster$529.99
save 74% off list
Cappelletto AllegraPremium Wood Print Rack
Cappelletto Allegra Premium Wood Print Rack
Store canvases, panels, frames, drawing boards, paper pads, mat board and more in this high-quality print rack Imported from Italy
doorbuster price$109.99Item# V17267 | list price: $417.25
save 67% off list
Dryden Art and Canvas KeeperTable & Floor Model Combo
Dryden Art and Canvas Keeper Table & Floor Model Combo
Unique and convenient storage, organization, and transport system for canvases, frames and more
doorbuster price$49.99Item# 87039 | list price: $152.80
save 69% off list
Dryden Art and Canvas KeeperLarge Floor Model with Casters/Handle
Dryden Art and Canvas Keeper Large Floor Model with Casters/Handle
Convenient and accessible organization for all your art with Durable, lightweight, enameled steel construction
doorbuster price$139.99Item# 87040 | list price: $446.80
save 59% off list
Creative MarkFolding Wood Print Rack - Beechwood Finish
Folding Wood Print Rack Beechwood Finish
You can store and keep several prints and paintings on the 4" wide rack bed. When the rack is not in use it easily folds down for storage and travel needs
doorbuster price$47.49Item# 61791 | list price: $114.45
Frame your masterpiece
save up to 79% off list
Ambiance Gallery1-1/2" Deep Wood Frames
Ambiance Gallery 1-1/2" Deep Wood Frames
They accept stretched artwork, wood panels, boards, and flat-matted artwork
list price starts at: $22.90doorbuster starts at$6.33
save up to 74% off list
Ambiance Gallery MiniWood Frames - Boxes of 8
Ambiance Gallery Mini Sizes Wood Frames
They accept stretched artwork, wood panels, boards, and mounted and matted artwork
doorbuster price starts at$39.32list price starts at: $151.20
save up to 72% off list
Museum CollectionPlein Aire Frames
Museum Collection Plein Aire Frames
3-1/2" Wide and 1-3/8" Deep, closed corner frames. Beautifully and meticulously hand-finished and leafed by expert craftsmen
list price starts at: $120.25 doorbuster starts at$33.54
save 59% off list
Museum Collection Arte FramesBlack/Gold - 16x20"
Museum Collection Arte Frames Black/Gold - 16x20"
Well made, heirloom-quality, Real wood - coated with gesso, molded and hand-finished and leafed by expert craftsmen
doorbuster price$58.93Item# 90189 | list price: $142.50
save 54% off list
Museum Collection Nouveau FramesBlack/Silver - 11x14"
Museum Collection Nouveau Frames Black/Silver - 11x14"
solid wood frames are coated in gesso to ensure a smooth, blemish-free surface
doorbuster price$31.72Item# 90229 | list price: $68.40
save 56% off list
Museum Collection Gothic FrameGold Leaf - 8x10"
Museum Collection Gothic Frame Gold Leaf - 8x10"
Museum ready-made open back closed corner frames are beautifully and meticulously hand-finished and leafed by expert craftsme
doorbuster price$24.05Item# 90233 | list price: $54.75
save 58% off list
Museum Collection De Stijl FramesBlack/Gold - 16x20"
Museum Collection De Stijl Frames Black/Gold - 16x20"
Museum-quality framing solutions to Complement any genre of artwork
doorbuster price$51.21Item# 90207 | list price: $122.00
save 42% off list
Logan 350-1Compact Elite Mat Cutter
Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter
Sturdy particleboard base and quality engineering that Includes 90° squaring bar and removable 20" measuring bar
Item# V05170 | list price: $225.95holiday sale$129.99
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SoHo Urban Artist AcrylicReally Complete Painting Set of 24 - 21ml tubes
Happy HoliYay
Jerry's Exclusive!
item# 86458
LUKAS CRYL StudioSouthwest Landscape Set of 17 - 250ml Tubes + 1 Free White
Happy HoliYay
Water-mixable, quick-drying, easily cleaned up with soap and water
item# 91450
AmsterdamAcrylic Ink Set of 6 - 30ml Tubes & 8x8 Mix Media Pad
Happy HoliYay
more concentrated than most acrylics, with a beautiful velvety matte finish
item# V27538A
Creative InspirationsColor Acrylic Box Value Set of 30 - 120ml Tubes
Happy HoliYay
Smooth consistency with Great coverage & Can be thinned with water
item# 89976
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SoHo Urban ArtistOil Color Landscape Set of 18 - 50ml Tubes & Mezzo Straight Rack #2
Happy HoliYay
Buttery consistency for smooth application of color, Perfect for use with brushes or palette knives
item# 91447A
LUKAS StudioOil Color Landscape Set of 17 - 37ml Tubes & Mezzo Straight Rack #2
Happy HoliYay
Exclusive blend of linseed oil, sunflower oil, and beeswax
item# 32609
LUKAS 1862160 Year Anniversary Masters Set of 10 - 37ml Tubes
Happy HoliYay
Incomparable color intensity, highly pigmented & Dry to the touch usually in 2 to 4 days
item# V38911
Bob Ross16 Piece Master Oil Paint Set with 8 - 37ml tubes plus DVD
Happy HoliYay
Learn The Wet-On-Wet Oil Painting Technique With Bob Ross & his 60 minute instructional DVD
item# 32609
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ReflexionsDeluxe Watercolor Set of 36 - whole pan with Brushes & Journal
Happy HoliYay
complete sets to get started or further your watercolor techniques
item# 89854A
Marie'sProfessional Watercolor Set of 5 with Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Pocket Brush
Happy HoliYay
Highly pigmented lightfast and permanent watercolors
item# 90497A
TurnerUltimate Watercolor Painting Set with Arches Watercolor Block & Brush Set of 4
Happy HoliYay
Highly concentrated Finest pure pigments with No fillers added
item# V19240A
FabrianoDynamic Lukas Studio Watercolor Sketching Duo Set - half pan
Happy HoliYay
Watercolor Painting Sets Perfect For Studio Work And Plein Air Painting
item# 59150A
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CezanneWatercolor Pencil Travel Set 1 with journal & brushes
Happy HoliYay
Create Beautiful Watercolor Art with these Water-Soluble Colored Pencils
item# 90153B
Prismacolor PremierColored Pencil Super Value 5 Piece Set
Happy HoliYay
thick, soft leads containing brilliant permanent pigment
item# V06559A
Raffiné 400 Series Sketch Pad & Raffine 36ct. Colored Pencil Set
Happy HoliYay
Perfect for Blending and shading Color mixing and highlighting
item# 90412
Creative Mark TaoBamboo Table Easel 5 piece Sketching Set
Happy HoliYay
Lightweight & sturdy table easel thats Fits easily into backpacks or tote bags
item# 88683A
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CardinaliRenewal Core Floater Frames
Happy HoliYay
Create the "floating canvas" with ease. Includes all hardware for assembly
MuseumCollection Plein Aire Frames
Happy HoliYay
High end, professional quality frames that add prestige to any piece of art
GothamWhite Deep Gallery Frames
Happy HoliYay
sleek, gallery-quality deep frames suited for heavy duty canvases up to 1" deep
CardinaliPlein Aire Frames
Happy HoliYay
Great for all art, from traditional landscapes and portraits to modern abstract paintings
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Saint RemyMulti-Angle PRO Studio Easel
Happy HoliYay
Painting pictures as tall as 82" high or two canvases side by side
item# 85709
CappellettoAngelica Premium Studio H-Frame Easel
Happy HoliYay
Supports canvases as large as 53" high & Folds up flat for storage
item# V13321
Mezzo®Paint & Brush Racks, Set of 3
Happy HoliYay
organize your paints and brushes making it easy to grab what you need
item# 90348
HG Art ConceptsArtist Storage 4-Drawer Chest
Happy HoliYay
A compact Sturdy and decorative way to store your paints and brushes
item# 90405
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Turner Acryl GouacheSMOOSH Art Acryl Gouache Sets
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Soho Urban ArtistSMOOSH Art Acrylics Sets
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Marie's ProfessionalSMOOSH Art Watercolor Sets
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Creative InspirationsSMOOSH Art Acrylic Sets
Happy HoliYay
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