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2014 Mungyo Summer Pastel Contest
1st Place: 'American Beauty' by Celeste Rickert of Tomball, Texas First Place Winner
"American Beauty"
by Celeste Rickert of Tomball, Texas
"There seriously is only one word to describe Mungyo Gallery soft pastels... AMAZING!!! I have been working with pastels for almost a year now and honestly can say hands down, these are the best. I have tried every pastel imaginable out there and you can not go wrong with these. Whether you're a beginner or expert in the medium, there is no other brand with the type of texture and pigment like Mungyo. Thank you Jerry's for carrying these! Not sure what I'd do without you guys!"
2nd Place: 'Early Dance' by Pam Neighbors of Clemmons, NC Second Place Winner
"Early Dance"
by Pam Neighbors of Clemmons, North Carolina
"My appreciation for Mungyo pastels continues to grow. Because of the excellent quality, wide range of colors, and affordable price, I am always happy to recommend these pastels to other artists. Thank you for creating such a fine product. It is a pleasure to create paintings with them."
3rd Place: 'Raymond' by Debbie Anderson of Macon, Georgia Third Place Winner
by Debbie Anderson of Macon, Georgia
"I have used Mungyo Gallery Soft Square Pastels for over 10 years. The sticks are firm enough to allow for a crisp edge, yet soft enough for superb blending."
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)
'George' by Celeste Rickert 'Point of View' by Len Jagoda 'Tybee Gull' by Debbie Anderson 'Sunday' by September McGee 'Remembering' by September McGee
'Ferrari' by Joan Langdon 'Edward' by Joan Langdon 'A Place in LA' by Helen Rowles 'The Garden' by Helen Rowles 'Favorite Place' by Pam Neighbors