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First Annual Self Portrait Contest Gallery of Winners
1st Place: 'El Blanco' by Barbara Dahlstedt First Place Winner
"El Blanco"
by Barbara Dahlstedt - Buckeye, AZ
"I've been trying different brands of colored pencils for the past three years and have found Soho colored pencils to be one of the easiest to work with. The consistency blends smoothly without the need for a colorless blender and the pencils really keep their point. I actually surprised myself when I was able to capture a substantial amount of detail. I also like the fact that you can buy replacement pencils from the open stock and my local store."
2nd Place: 'Anthurium in Bloom' by Sandy Birkholz Second Place Winner
"Anthurium in Bloom"
by Sandy Birkholz - Los Gatos, CA
"Soho Colored Pencils are my Go-To colored pencils for my colored pencil artwork. They come in convenient sets, and the colors can be bought separately as well. I love the colors, the way they glide on the paper, and the beautiful finish they have when the artwork is done. They aren't as expensive as other pencils either. I recommend them to my artist friends for their own colored pencil work."
3rd Place: 'Blue and Gold Macaw' by Mother Barbara Third Place Winner
"Blue and Gold Macaw"
by Mother Barbara - Etna, CA
"Very nice, smooth pencils makes drawing with Soho Urban Artist pencils a wonderful experience. The wood is high quality and does not splinter. You can draw very lightly to get good affects with highlights or fill in to create solid shadows. I would highly recommend Soho Urban Artist pencils to any beginner or professional."
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)
'Koi Pond' by Holly Ashley 'Banana Tree' by Mary Hertler Tallman 'White Orchid' by Mary Hertler Tallman 'Heirloom Crescendo' by George Laciskey 'Water Lilies' by Sandy Birkholz
'Too Intense' by Nicole Errico 'The King' by Karina Vargas 'Color Dance' by Vivian Root 'Rosalie's Puppet' by Helen Rowles 'Tea Time' by Helen Rowles