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2013 Mungyo Summer Pastels Contest Winners Gallery
1st Place: 'Super Games' by Victor Vicini of Livonia, Michigan First Place Winner
"Super Games"
by Victor Vicini of Livonia, Michigan
"I use Matisse Acrylics in so many of my compositions. I use many layers of thin transparent colors to build up my surface and allow the colors to shine and glow. Matisse Acrylics is so much fun to use because the colors are so brilliant and rich that I feel like a kid opening again playing with new colors. I really enjoy using the Matisse warm tones like, Matisse Scarlet Deep, because they provide a wonderful under painting. The consistency and way the paint meets the surface works perfectly in all my compositions. I think I can never go back to any other acrylic paints again. Matisse Acrylics Paints I am sold!"
2nd Place: 'On a Trip to Venice' by Amy Schneider of White Plains, NY Second Place Winner
"On a Trip to Venice"
by Amy Schneider of White Plains, NY
"I would recommend Matisse Acrylic paints as the colors are very vibrant, easy to mix, and suitable to a rich variety of textures with other acrylic mediums. There is a large variety of colors to choose from as well and the price is very attractive. I have used this brand on several of my paintings, particularly still lives and landscapes."
3rd Place: 'Freakshow' by Rodger Francis of Jefferson City, Missouri Third Place Winner
by Rodger Francis of Jefferson City, Missouri
"I was impressed with Matisse. I was very happy with the colorfastness and the smooth texture.."
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)
'Concerto for Grand Piano' by Viktorija Bulava 'Fall Still Life' by Diane Stolz 'Country Truck' by Cody Swaggerty 'Easy Does it Boys' by Earnest McFarland 'Earth Prayer: Transformation' by Kay Kemp
'Rainy Days in Paris' by Karina Vargas 'Roll Over Cat' by Victor Vicini 'Serendipity' by Michael Sloan