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Mahihkan by Barbara Dahlstedt

First Place Winner
by Barbara Dahlstedt of Buckeye, AZ

"I love working with Soho Colored Pencils. They allow me to layer color to create depth and a rich variety of color. I enjoy working on colored paper and using the texture of the paper to enhance the layering of color. I like the fact that Soho Colored Pencils may be purchased individually so that I can easily replace the colors that are used more frequently."

Winter Wood Gatherers by Kimberly Wakeman

Second Place Winner
"Winter Wood Gatherers"
by Kimberly Wakeman of Long Eddy, NY

"I recommend the Soho Urban Artist Colored Pencil sets to anyone interested in broadening their artistic horizons via colored pencil art and to any professional artist, illustrator, or creative minded person because of their spectacular blend ability, smooth application, and large range of rich hues. I was so pleased to create this pencil drawing, my first with the Soho Urban Artist pencil range, and look forward to turning to them as my choice every time I want to create interesting colored pencil drawings. AMAZING!"

Brockway by James Wonderling

Third Place Winner
by James Wonderling of Wellsville, NY

"I have been a professional artist for more than 40 years. My medium of choice was pastel. Most of my career was spent as an artist for the auto racing industry. In 1992, I quit doing art altogether, tired of the pastel medium. In 2009 an artist friend of mine gave me some colored pencils and ask me to try them. To my surprise, I liked them very much. So, after a 17 years away from art, I was back and active again in the art world. I tried many different types and qualities of colored pencils and found one that I liked best. One day I was looking through the Jerry's Artarama catalog and saw the Soho colored pencils. I was actually reluctant to try them because of their low price. I need a very high quality pencil and am willing to pay for them. But, I ordered some anyway just to try to satisfy my curiosity. I found the consistency, lead strength and colors to be very consistent. Actually, I can't tell any significant difference with the quality of Soho from my favorite, much more expensive colored pencils. Don't be fooled by the low prices, Soho colored pencils would be a bargain at twice the price."

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