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First Place Winner
by John Howell of Round Rock, TX

"I have been using Charvin oil paints for several years, and I love them! They have a rich quality and they help me get the depth that I'm looking to achieve in my oil paintings. I recommend them to all my artist friends, whether they are beginners or seasoned artists!"


Second Place Winner
by HyunHee Choi of Bothell, WA

"After I purchased 7 Charvin oil colors for the first time a few years ago, I was being constantly surprised by its beautiful textures and colors. I occasionally mix the white into other colors to create more pastel tones from the basic colors and it always meets my expectation. I'm really enjoying the textures and feeling when I'm painting on canvas using brushes or knives. Charvin products are high quality for their price range."

"Settled In"

Third Place Winner
"Settled In"
by Hilarie Lambert of Charleston, SC

"I actually picked up some of the Charvin oil colors when I was in Paris painting and loved the consistency of them. I had rented a studio for a month and decided to look around for some French paints to try while I was there. I ended up buying my whole palette and used them on all the pieces when I was there. The colors were true and I liked the feel of them when I painted on linen."

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