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Looking on the Brighter Side by Barbara Dahlstedt

First Place Winner
"Looking on the Brighter Side"
by Barbara Dahlstedt of Buckeye, AZ

"I love working with Soho Colored Pencils. They allow me to layer color to create depth and a rich variety of color. I enjoy working on colored paper and using the texture on the paper to enhance the layering of color. I like the fact that Soho Colored Pencils may be purchased individually so that I can easily replace the colors that I use more frequently."

White Tiger by James Wonderling

Second Place Winner
"White Tiger"
by James Wonderling of Wellsville, NY

Summertime Artist by John Howell

Third Place Winner
"White Onions"
by Sandy Birkholz of Los Gatos, CA

"I was a little skeptical about these new pencils at first, then I started working with them. They are indeed "buttery" in their application, and (most important to me, a "starving artist") the leads do not break! No matter how much pressure I applied to the paper, the leads held up beautifully. As you layer the colors, these pencils seem to self-burnish, leaving a beautiful, deep color with a gorgeous finish. An added benefit-the colors don't smear as you work! I can't wait to start my next drawing, using Soho Colored Pencils, of course!"

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