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Everything Canvas Super Sale
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First Place Winner

"Black Eyed Susan"
by Claire Richards
of Houston, Texas

"The reason I tried using the Matisse line was because I could not find the exact same colors in other lines.  I go through a lot of paint with my artwork since I work very large.  The paint itself is quality paint and when it comes to other brands you can really stretch your dollar.  The colors though, sold me."

Second Place Winner

"John Handcock"
by Scott Szili
of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

"I prefer to use Acrylic paints since they allow me to work faster. With Matisse, I blend using a very thin coat layering technique that I developed. I have experimented in oils and watercolors however I find acrylic fits my style best."

Third Place Winner

"The Announcer"
by Jonothan Brown
of North Pole, Alaska

"I've been experimenting with several brands of paints. With acrylics, I like to use Matisse Flow. It's cost efficient and dries quickly and accurately to the color."

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