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Customize your Guerrilla Painter® Box, Thumbox or Cigar Box with this incredible selection of plein air painting accessories. Need more room to work with? The Palette Extension is now available for the 9x12" Guerrilla Painter® Box and the 6x8" Thumbox. Made of Basswood for the Thumbox or Birch Plywood for the larger, 9x12" Box, both of these extensions have durable aluminum hardware. This handy accessory doubles your workspace and folds away easily when not in use. 

Need a faster way to get to your brushes while you work? The handy, Hang-Up Brush Caddy is the ideal solution. Made of white enameled aluminum, this special accessory can hold 10 or more brushes, keeping them in easy reach while you paint. For the ultimate in convenience, be sure to try the Field Tripod Kit, which supplies sturdy support to your Guerrilla Painter® Box or Thumbox, even in breezy conditions. The kit includes the Tripod Stone Bag (also sold separately), which you can use to add additional weight for even greater stability. There is truly the perfect accessory for every artist in this wide selection!
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