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Shop for Erengi ArtAspirer Oil Pastels & Sets

Oil pastels offer so many advantages for today's artist that it is almost a crime that many oil colorists do not have a serious set of these in their studio. Better yet, you won't believe Erengi's ArtAspirer's color range—it is breathtaking! 

Did you know that it is illegal to travel by plane with any oil color solvent? Did you know all you need to paint in oils are these oil pastels, brushes and some linseed oil? Here's a neat trick for traveling. Take a Feather Easel 165, Centurion Linen Canvas Pad, a set of ArtAspirer, a small jar of Linseed Oil, a plastic screw-on palette cup and some brushes and load into a Creativo Artpak—now you can paint anywhere! How about that!? 

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