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No other color in the world today is made better Featured Bestseller
  • 70 Colors - 37 ml Tubes & 200ml Tubes
  • Delivers a smooth buttery consistency with a lovely feel
  • Finest German engineering
  • Dries to the touch in 2 to 4 days
  • Richly pigmented to deliver brilliant colors
  • Only the finest pigments are used
  • All are highly lightfast for permanent works of art
  • Virgin cold-pressed linseed oil, non-yellowing sunflower oil, and a touch of beeswax binder for even drying.
  • Bring the master quality of Germany's finest artists' oils to your own paintings
LUKAS 1862 professional artist's OIL COLOR No other color in the world today is made better. 1862 oils host features created over a long history of working with artists dating back to the 1850's. This Master quality oil color delivers a smooth buttery consistency with a lovely feel, while maintaining brush strokes and peaks. This oil color is richly pigmented to deliver brilliant colors with a real punch, that may be tinted to a wide arrange of tones and shades and to cover beautifully. Only the finest pigments are used and all are highly lightfast for permanent works of art.

Beyond comparison these colors offer an ideal feature that 1862 oil colorists really appreciate. Unlike other master quality professional colors that have wide variation in drying rates Lukas 1862 dries to the touch in 2 to 4 days. As an artist who paints in oil you know how disappointing it can be to come back to your painting up to a week later and it hasn't dried so you can't paint the next layer. Fear not because Lukas is guaranteed to perform flawlessly.

The best value of any Master Quality Oil Color. 52 of the colors are series 1. So when comparing prices compare colors like Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson (Lukas Only makes Permanent colors.), Cadmium Red, Permanent Green and Flesh and you'll see that the price series of these colors is one step down from other lines!

The challenge for the ages. Buy a full palette of colors and paint a picture using Lukas 1862 and if you are not convinced it is as good or better than the paint you use then return all the tubes for a full refund in up to 30 days!
Customer Reviews and Experiences

Impressive paints.
"When I first tried the Lukas 1862 Oil colors I was immediately impressed by their vibrant hues. Their colors are bold and really stand out. I have continued to use Lukas Oils in my paintings and enjoy them as much also for their smooth and uniform consistency, making the mixing of colors a pleasure" - Joe, from Moravian Falls, NC - Professional

Lukas Oils Never Let you Down!
"I like Lukas oil paints because of their buttery consistency and affordability. I use paints directly from the tube without any medium in many of my landscape paintings and find that the Lukas paints spread easily yet maintain their impasto effect where needed." - Grace, from Sedona, Arizona - Professional

Wonderful Texture
"The advertising of the Lukas oil paints truly represents the products. "Buttery" is a perfect description of the consistency. It's always a little scary when trying a new product, but Lukas does not disappoint. The range of colors and the price are strong selling points for teachers, students and the professional artist. Thanks to Jerry's for carrying these products" - Sassy 60, from Nantucket, MA- Professional

Robert Coombs

"Lukas paints are very affordable and have a buttery consistency similar to many of the name brand oil paints on the market today. Most importantly, the pigment is strong and intense, just as you would expect from a professional paint. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality paint at an affordable price."

- Robert Coombs of Logan, UT

Sandy Nelson

"I started using Lukas paints about 3 years ago and have found them consistently the ones I reach for when starting a new image. As a somewhat impressionistic painter, I've found the buttery texture and fast drying time works for my particular technique. Even when thinned out, they maintain their color vibrancy, coverage and 'sexy' paint strokes."

- Sandy Nelson of Leland, NC

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Lukas GuaranteeJerry's is committed to 100% customer satisfaction with our entire range of exclusive brands! We aim to bring in the best art supplies from around the world, and we are sure that their high quality and great value will impress you. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any exlcusive brand purchase, please return the item together with your original order number within 30 days of the date when the order was placed, and we will be happy to refund your purchase price or replace the item at no cost. Please see the individual product pages for more information on our fantastic proprietary art supply lines!
Lukas Guarantee

LUKAS Watercolors - Master Quality Watercolors
LUKAS 1862 Aquarell 1862
  • Highest quality pigments
  • Famous moist consistency
  • Outstanding mixing ability
  • Superior color lifting
  • A 70-color spectrum all available in half pans, whole pans, and 24ml tubes
Also on Sale

Lukas Aquarell 1862 Waterolor Sets - Up To 56% OFF List

Lukas Studio Watercolors - Up To 65% OFF List

Lukas Studio Watercolor Sets - Up To 65% OFF List

The first European acrylic paint producers – LUKAS' exceptional lines now available in the USA!

LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics
  • 60 color range in 75ml tubes, 250ml and 500ml bottles
  • Professional quality, medium-viscosity acrylics
  • Superb light fastness ratings for color permanence

LUKAS CRYL Pastos Acrylics
  • Master quality heavy body acrylics
  • Exclusive acrylic dispersion medium
  • 70 color range available in 37ml and 200ml

LUKAS CRYL Liquid Acrylics
  • 48 color range in convenient 250ml bottles
  • Superb light fastness ratings for color permanence
  • Paint film won't shrink, crack or wrinkle when drying
LUKAS Designer's Gouache and Sets

The true Artists' Gouache! Finest German opaque matte-drying watercolors!

Dries to an opaque, velvety matte finish
48 brilliant colors are available in 20ml tubes
Exceptional covering power
Outstanding fluidity, will not streak

LUKAS Designer's Gouache Sets - Only $2.99 a tube!

Basic Set of 6 - Features six 20ml tubes of primary colors plus Yellow Ochre Light, Ivory Black and Opaque White.

Pro Set of 12 - This professional gouache set features twelve 20ml tubes of primary and secondary colors, plus Ivory Black and Opaque White

Discover More about LUKAS - High Performance, Great Prices
8 Reasons for an Artist to Choose LUKAS
  1. 140 years of experience in superior product quality.
  2. Innovative and useful product concepts.
  3. Used by famous artists such as: Vincent Van Gogh, the Achenbach brothers, Joseph Beuys, and Hans George Baselitz.
  4. Wide range of specialty products that mass suppliers no longer produce.
  5. Prices as low as possible.
  6. Paints, mediums, and sets for all skill levels.
  7. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  8. Free video art lessons and product demos

In 1964, LUKAS was the first manufacturer in Europe to produce artists' acrylic colours. Consequently, LUKAS products have always been in accordance with the most modern techniques. This reason, along with LUKAS' strive for superior quality, led many well-known artists to trust the quality of our colours throughout the years. Beloved by artists since its inception, even Vincent Van Gogh was a happy customer of LUKAS, and wrote to his brother Theo:

"I have ordered colors from Schoenfeld [LUKAS] in Düsseldorf, as there were some colors which I couldn't get here...the picture with the potato eaters is not good in some details...I should have had a better result with the mineral blue that I have now [from LUKAS], instead of the old one."

Bring the master quality of Germany's finest artists' colors to your own paintings with LUKAS, and see what Van Gogh was talking about!

The Light is Clear, The Colors are Fantastic!

Mike Rooney

Painting with Mike Rooney

This is the perfect time of year to plein air paint. It's not too hot, humid, or buggy. The light is clear and colors are fantastic because the growth on the trees and grasses are new and really saturated. As the summer comes and goes, the greens dull the longer they're out in the brutal sun. I've wanted to paint an afternoon on Calico Creek...Read More