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Stunning stucco and plate smooth, highly coveted, professional canvas surfaces!

Belle Arti, an Italian fine-art supply company proudly offers a wide range of canvases in rolls, including the Courbet Super Fine and Roma Affesco Canvas Rolls. Thier incredible surface textures are most notable, as they are highly coveted by professional artists throughout the world.

The Courbet Super Fine Canvas features a luxuriously smooth painting surface that can hold anything from heavy oil paints to technical drawing pens. They're perfect for detailing out the blue prints of a painting prior to laying down colour.

The Roma Affesco Canvas is sure to save artists who enjoy impasto techniques loads of time, with its professional stucco surface. This canvas type is very heavy and durable, making it ideal for multiple layers of mixed media, heavy bodied acrylics and traditional oil paints!

These canvas surfaces are available not only in rolls, but also in sample sheets large enough to create two well-sized canvases!

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