Whats the Buzz- LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics

We Dug Deep and Found What You Really Think About LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics!

For today’s Whats the Buzz, we’re looking at one of our most popular acrylic paints. Now the qualities of a good acrylic paint are high pigment levels, a wide choice of colors and colors that can keep their color even when they’re diluted. That’s how an artist would describe an “artist quality” acrylic. The acrylic we’re talking about today has all of these qualities, but at a student grade acrylic paint price. We’re talking about>LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics!

For the price you can find LUKAS CRYL Studio acrylics at Jerry’s Artarama, why would you use a lesser acrylic for the same price? This paint can give your paintings:

  • High pigment concentration that ensures vibrant and brilliant colors
  • A superb light fastness ratings for color permanence
  • 60 different colors in 3 different styles of tubes for the best value
  • Paint film that won’t crack, shrink or wrinkle while drying

Because these paints are sold exclusively at Jerry’s Artarama, we consider ourselves experts on this paint, and we love it. There is not a better painting experience for you, your students or your business. It’s a versatile paint and with 3 different styles from 75ml tubes, 250 ml and 500 ml bottles, the more paint you get, the better value you’ll receive. We know that you’ll love them and keep coming back for more. But, if you don’t want to hear from us about how well these paints perform, listen to real Jerry’s customers who favor LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics:


“Good for my paint with wine parties for non-artists as they use good large amounts of paint and for me not very expensive.”-Dotti, WA

“These acrylic paints are the best I’ve ever used. They have a glossy, professional finish and the bottles of paint last a really long time. The colors are vibrant and there are a lot of colors 

available. This is definitely my brand of choice! I can’t think of one negative thing to say about them!-Connie, LA

“These paints are beautiful to work with. Their color pigment is off the chart. They dry pretty quick but still give plenty of work time. The painting my wife finished with these paints looks incredible and the colors are as stated just amazing. Very fun paints to work with and work perfect with any acrylic endeavors especially illustration work. The bottles make pouring out the paint a breeze and you get plenty for the buck. I just hope these paints don’t keep me from my oils too long lol.”– Tom, NY

“I use Lukas for large scale paintings on canvas. The work I make requires a extremely opaque finish and this paint does the trick. Great bang for your buck.-ab, TX

“Lukas acrylics work well, apply with thick smooth flow, easy clean up, as well as fast drying.”-coolwll, AZ

“If I don’t plan to paint with the painting knife or when I don’t need the impasto brush strokes, I love the ease of squirting out these acrylics from the ample-sized bottles. The 500ml size is great! The colors are true and the paint quality is perfect for the work I do.”– Macdonaldartist, MA

“Excellent coverage and brilliance of color. I got a set of ten bottles as a gift and [am] ordering more when [I] run out. Used the in the artwork shown.”


“The product produces a nice film of paint that remains flexible and doesn’t produce defects like shrinking or cracking, which [is] often seen with budget art supplies. Overall, very impressive quality!”-Arshansky, AZ

“As a muralist and portrait painter I have found the Lukas Cryl Studio paints to work for me in how I’m able to control the smoothness and pop to my latest works of art for my client that really grasps their attention as well as a great underpainting for my oil paintings.”– Leo “Makin it do What it do” Rucker, NC

“This is a great paint at a fantastic price. It allows me to experiment and get creative and loose without worrying about “wasting expensive paint.” I love the large squirt-style bottles for expressive application. The quality is definitely better than most student -quality paints!”-Moon Dancer, AR

There are some pretty consistent themes in the reviews above. Fans of the paint love this paint’s value for the price, size of the tubes and bottles to cover large areas, and the paints smoothness, glossiness and overall character. If you’re considering trying out painting for the first time or taking a class, there’s a fair chance you’ll be using acrylics; but before you run out to the stores to find some lame hobby paint just because you’re a beginner and its cheap, reconsider and try LUKAS CRYL Studio. Like ab from Texas says above, its a “Great bang for your buck.” Sold exclusively at Jerry’s Artarama.

Finally, keep in mind, that it’s not only the paint that contributes to a great painting. Brushes are also important. The Pro Stroke Powercryl Utlimate Acrylic Brushes handle acrylic paint like no other. They can lay down “confident strokes that forever retain the mark of the brush.” And for cleaning, don’t forget about the SoHo Artist Sudio Wipes. Nothing cleans messy paint faster than these non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning wipes. And now, exclusively at Jerry’s you can find both Pro Stroke Powercryl brushes and SoHo Studio wipes together for a terrific value for your classroom or business!

For more Whats the Buzz, be sure to check out our user reviews on SoHo Artist Studio Wipes and Pro Stroke Powercryl Ultimate Acrylic Brushes. And remember, we love to hear what you have to say, so if you’ve used LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics, let us know what you think in the comments below!



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