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New “My Story” Feature gives Artists their Chance to Share their Experiences


Here at Jerry’s, we love our Artists, and even more, we love to hear back from them when they have something to say. With Jerry’s Artarama’s new “My Story” feature, artists can upload their own art experiences to Now, more than ever, artists can feel free to tell others about their experiences with the products they use and love that they discovered from Jerry’s and the art that they create. We want to know why you choose Jerry’s!


Jerry’s wants to know how having access to a wide variety of the best art supplies at low prices has helped you in your artistic journey. We get so many comments from art teachers, students, professional artists and so many beloved customers who have shared their stories and told us exactly how we have provided for them the art supplies that are making their dreams come true.

Here is another story shared with us by an artist:

“I work for a non-profit art education institution. I purchase art materials for three programs in which two are free for elementary students and teens. I am also an artist in my own free time. Our successful programing is based on a strong staff and having the best best art materials and supplies available in keeping with the budget. Jerry’s provides me with the best materials, pricing and always great service!”

-Cheryl Cutch

In addition to sharing your Jerry’s shopping experiences, “My Story” also gives each artist who decides to share their story and related picture or artwork a chance to win big! Artists who sign up for “My Story” will be entered in for a chance to win an eGift Card from Jerry’s worth $50 to spend on 

It is simple to sign up. Simply click the “tell my story” button below and let us know why you choose Jerry’s.

Sign Up Today and Win!

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